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The Fordham Ram

A life-long member of the Fordham community, Scully graduated from Fordham Preparatory School in 1944 and enrolled at Fordham University and graduated with a degree in communications in 1949. (Courtesy of Fordham)
Remembering Fordham Alum and Broadcaster Vincent Scully
Antoni Zlatanovski, Staff Writer • March 29, 2023
On March 22, 2023, a memorial service was held at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in honor of Fordham alum, Vincent Edward “Vin” Scully.
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Performative Protesting on Fordham’s Campus

March 29, 2023

Unless you have been living under a rock, or not reading The Fordham Ram, you know there has been an uptick in discussions of unions within the Fordham community this year. There are three unions at Fordham...

Fordham is a Fair-Weather Catholic School

March 22, 2023

President Tetlow revealed that Fordham will not be changing the policies surrounding access to contraception unless the Catholic Church changes said doctrine. 

Labor-Based Grading Gets a Solid C+

March 8, 2023

Midterm season is coming to a close as the university approaches spring break, and with it an enormous weight has been lifted off of students’ shoulders. The stress and time consumption of studying,...

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