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  • J

    JohnGaultOct 23, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Matthew –
    You do need to research this topic a more thoroughly prior to publishing a column.
    Over 45% of households pay no Federal income tax (some get payments/credits)
    The top 1 % of income earners pay over 20% over the expenses of the Federal government.
    Mr Trump appears to be following the laws our country has agreed upon.
    Warren Buffet has criticized the tax structure of our country noting that he pays a lower percentage in taxes than his secretary – but that is because he declines to receive income but rather takes earnings through stock market gain taxed at a lower rate- again, following the laws of our nation.

    Corporate taxes in the US are high compared to the rest of the world.

    I agree that we should all contribute to the tax burden. The focus might be in elevating the economic prospects of the 45+% who pay no taxes to allow them to have a stake in this nation.

  • B

    Ben Arisen (@BrightLeaf88)Oct 20, 2016 at 2:16 am

    “…did not pay federal taxes… contribute nothing in taxes…”
    Come on, really? He did not pay federal INCOME tax for many years. That does not mean he paid nothing in taxes. There are many other taxes to pay besides federal income tax.
    But even barring this point, do you actually believe what you’re saying or do you just not like Trump? Be honest. I am assuming you are a dependent, which means you must make $5700 in a year to have to file a federal income tax. Have you filed taxes voluntarily every year since you turned 16, even though the law did not require you to do so? Who in their right mind would? NOBODY pays more taxes than they have to, and it does not make them unpatriotic. We’re not talking about tax evasion here. We’re not even talking about obscure or unethical “legal loopholes” like hiding money in offshore accounts or passing it around through shell companies. Losses rolling over from year to year is literally tax law 101. I had an internship at a small tax preparation place and we did this exact thing for thousands of regular middle-class people every year. You don’t even need a lawyer to do it, just type your gains and losses into fucking Turbotax and the amount you need to pay comes up.
    Any accounting major would laugh at you for posting this incredibly uninformed opinion. This is probably why Trump didn’t want to release his tax returns, because it would just empower thousands of uneducated armchair accountants to attack him for something they do not understand.

  • B

    Bill Poppe RH64Oct 19, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Trump uses loses just like all business people, which is totally legal to offset taxes. But don’t mention that he employs thousands of people in many of his businesses. He pays millions in other taxes as well. I guess it’s OK for the Clintons to hide their wealth in the Clinton Foundation in Canada, without paying any taxes on all the funds they have received from the worst regimes in the world so these horrible people can receive favors from Hillary, like the Russian Businessman to whom the administration sold a huge stake in our uranium deposits. The Clintons are evil and dishonest people that only care about their own wealth. If Hillary wins this election our great country is doomed.

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