Starbucks Officially Opens its Doors


(Theresa Schliep/The Fordham Ram)

By Helen Stevenson and Theresa Schliep

If you’ve walked up to the Starbucks in Dealy Hall only to find you’re locked out from all of your favorite drinks and food, you’re in luck — today, it opens it’s doors.

The new dining location was to open by the start of the fall semester, according to Deming Yaun, dining services contract liaison for Aramark. The holdup was because they needed an individual permit— like all other businesses on campus— from New York State to accept sales tax.

The fully-licensed Starbucks in Dealy operates and look like any other would, offering a full menu of choices standard for New York state, according to Yaun. 

“They are a very, very successful brand,” said Yaun. “They are going to make sure you are doing everything to represent their brand 100 percent and they are not going to take a compromise or an exception, period.”

The location will also accept Declining Balance (DCB), and students can use the Tapingo application for mobile ordering. Yaun said he was not yet sure if the Starbucks application would be in use at the location.

Dealy Hall was renovated over the summer to host the multi-billion dollar coffeehouse chain. Those renovations include a new patio with outdoor seating adjacent to the building.

Yaun said it’s not a large space, so most of the business will be “grab-and-go.”

The new location is staffed with Aramark employees who were trained over the summer.

“It was a huge cooperative effort,” said Yaun.