On-Campus Performances Spring 2013



When it comes to price and location, you can’t beat on-campus entertainment. Though Fordham students should take advantage of the city’s cultural offerings, supporting the performers among us is not only economically practical, but a great way to reward the hard work of their peers. The talent on the campus is outstanding, and it deserves an audience! This semester, resolve to support our many performance groups. Here’s a preview of performances happening on campus this spring.


The Mimes and Mummers

All productions are staged in Collins Auditorium. Opening night is often free. Like their Facebook page (search “The Mimes and Mummers at Fordham University”), or visit www.themimesandmummers.com for more information.

  • Assassins by Stephen Sondheim (Feb. 28 – Mar. 3)

— Directed by Stephen Agosto. Music Directed by James Dobison. Produced by Jenny Dorso.

Assassins tells the untold story of assassins from American history, delving into their warped minds and revealing their shattered dreams. Assassins also has modern relevance and provides insight into America’s gun and celebrity culture. President Emily Pandise (FCRH ’14) hopes the show “will provoke thought and discussion among the Fordham community.”

  • The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute (Apr. 11-1)

— Directed by Max Gosman. Produced by Pam Zazzarino.

This show explores themes concerning intimacy, art, and the sometimes-dangerous and transformative power of love through the relationship of two college students, Adam and Evelyn. Pandise believes that the show’s college setting will make it even more enjoyable for students to watch. “It also has an interesting edge to it,” she said, “and I’m looking forward to portraying these characters in a reinvented way.”

  • Battle of the Divas (March, official date TBA)

This charity event will feature everyone’s favorite “stars”, as played by Fordham students, who will perform their greatest hits live. Proceeds will go to a charity. Audition information will be available soon.

Theatrical Outreach Program (TOP)

All performance dates are TBA. Admission is free for all shows. Students are  alsowelcome to attend the editing sessions for this shows, in which TOP members trim down their shows and make them more accessible for middle- and high-school students in the Bronx. For more information, email [email protected].

  • A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

—    Co-directed by Libby Wooton (FCRH ’14) and Julie Nicols (FCRH ’15)

The story follows the marriage of Nora and challenges the social norms surrounding marriage.  “Libby and I hope to direct the play in such a way that the audience can find themselves identifying with any part of the performance—whether it’s a specific character or an idea that one is more than the role that society and others have placed upon them,” said Nicols. The directors also look forward to reception and feedback from the children they will be performing this show for.

  • Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare

—    Directed by Ricky Bordelon (FCRH ’15), Assistant Directed by AJ Golio (FCRH ’16)

This comedy, allegedly Shakespeare’s first play, tells the story of two best friends, Valentine and Proteus, and the hijinks that ensue as a result of their pursuit of different women.

Fordham Experimental Theater (FET)

Fordham’s experimental theater group puts on about two productions per semester in the Blackbox at Collins. For more information about shows, times, and tickets, email [email protected].

  • Take Your Base by James Murtagh and Jeff Sharkey (Feb. 21-23)

— Directed by James Murtagh and Jeff Sharkey

Script by Murtagh and music by Sharkey. This student-written and student-directed show is a love story revolving around little league teams from Oregon and Maine that meet at the little league series in Williamsport, PA.


Fordham Flava

In addition to these performances, Flava will be dancing at performances for several other clubs on campus.  “Any opportunity to perform is a good once,” said President Cat Nwachukwu, FCRH ‘13. The group also looks forward to performing in the cafeteria and hosting dance classes. Keep an eye out for their flyers around campus!

  • Flava Showcase (Apr. 20)

Flava puts on an annual showcase in Rose Hill Gymnasium, featuring 4-5 dance mixes of their own and performances from outside dance groups. Guest performers for this year include the Boys and Girls Club and Flava alumni. Red Bull has sponsored past showcases, and they may sponsor again this year (as well as bring along their Red Bull break-dancers!).

  • Wurk your Booty Workshop (Feb. 10)

This Valentine’s Day event, sponsored by CAB, will allow members of the Fordham community to come and learn the art of booty-shaking—whether or not you have a special Valentine to impress.

  • African Flash Mob (Feb. 13)

Flava will collaborate with ASILI to perform an African flash mob as one of many events in honor of Black History Month.

  • RHA Talent Showcase (Feb. 22)

Along with many other performance groups, Flava will compete in the showcase in hopes of claiming the $500 prize! This is also a great chance to support many performance groups at once.

  • Opener for Spring Weekend DJ (Tentative, Apr. 26)

“If everything goes as planned,” says Nwachukwu, Flava will be opening for this fun Spring Weekend event.


The semester is an exciting one for the Expressions and their president, Jennifer Puet, GSB ‘14. They will be starting off the semester with a performance on Friday, February 1st, at Lululemon’s warehouse sale at the Naussau Coliseum in Long Island. They will also be offering dance classes in their studio, located in Keating B23. Their Spring Showcase will be on April 19th and 20th at 8 pm in Collins Auditorium.


Free Pizza

“What we’re really looking forward to this semester is using our new social media outlets,” says Mike Dahlgren, FCRH ’14, who heads Fordham’s sketch group. They also plan to continue uploading videos via YouTube. Like their Facebook page (search “Free Pizza Sketch Comedy”) for updates! The first sketch show of the year opens Valentine’s Day weekend in the Blackbox, located in Collins.

Stranded in Pittsburgh

The university’s only improv troupe always puts on an entertaining show. Their performances, like those of Free Pizza, take place in the Blackbox at Collins, and stretch over the entire semester. Like their Facebook page (search “Stranded in Pittsburgh”) for more information on upcoming shows.

Fordham Stand-up

Though not established very long ago, this troupe, led by Mike Drosos, has been very successful. After performing at the eminent Gotham Comedy Club last semester, the troupe was been invited back for another stint on January 29th.  All other performance dates are TBA. To stay updated, like their Facebook page (search “Fordham Stand-Up”).


The Hot Notes

Fordham’s sole jazz vocal ensemble is back, led by President Julia Cunningham, FCRH ’13, Music Director Sebby Massa, FCRH ’14, and Assistant Music Director Denise Ramirez, FCRH ‘14. With their focus on musicianship and blending, the group will provide both jazz standards and their own renditions of contemporary music. Their Spring Concert date is TBA. Look out for their flyers around campus for more information.


In addition to their many gigs and performances this semester (all dates and times are TBA), the b-Sides will be hosting their End of the Year Concert sometime in April or May. For more information on that, look for B-Sides flyers on campus or like their Facebook page, “Fordham b-Sides”.

The Satin Dolls

The all-girls a capella group, led by Musical Director Nicole Holm, FCRH ’15, plans to expand their range this spring. “The Satin Dolls are looking forward to surprising everyone this semester with a diverse set list of songs from a variety of genres and showing off all of the girls’ unique voices,” said Holm. Like their Facebook page, “Fordham Satin Dolls”, to stay updated on their performances.

  • RHA Talent Showcase (Feb. 22)

The Dolls, last year’s champion of the showcase, hope to take the prize yet again.

  • Spring Concert (Apr. 20, tentative)

The concert, which will take place in the Fordham prep, will feature many different types of songs. “There’s something for everyone,” said Holm.

The Ramblers

These days, Fordham’s resident boy band is busy preparing for the ICCA College A Capella Tournament, but you can be sure that they have many performances planned for this spring. In addition to singing at the Waldorf Astoria on March 18th, they will be offering Valentine’s Day Singing Grams for $5 next month. Stay tuned for their final concert in April!