Sodexo Welcomes Jamba Juice and Energy Kitchen


Geoffrey Fairchile/Wikimedia Jamba Juice, a well-renowned smoothie company, will add another healthy option for Rose Hill students on Feb. 7.
Geoffrey Fairchile/Wikimedia Jamba Juice, a well-renowned smoothie company, will add another healthy option for Rose Hill students on Feb. 7.

Sodexo has launched a wide variety of initiatives in an attempt to improve the quality and nutrition levels of food options served on campus. On Feb. 7, the very first brand name vendor, Jamba Juice, is scheduled to open in the Rose Hill campus. Jamba Juice will be located in the basement of the McGinley Center at Dagger John’s To Go. Additionally, at the Lowenstein Center of the Lincoln Center campus, an Energy Kitchen branch opened at the beginning of the semester, although the grand opening date is yet to be announced.

“Sodexo is proud to serve Fordham University, and we are committed to providing healthy and fresh selections to students, staff and the entire University community,” Brian Poteat, general manager of Sodexo at Fordham University, said. “We take student opinion very seriously, and we work closely with the Student Culinary Council (SCC) and other groups when creating our offerings. Our work with those groups indicated that students wanted more healthy food and beverage options, so we are happy to announce [the new initiatives].”

The SCC played a major role in working towards bringing such brand name restaurant vendors to campus. According to the executive board of the SCC, Declining Card Balance (DCB) payment is scheduled to be accepted by both Energy Kitchen and Jamba Juice.

“I think [the new Jamba Juice and Energy Kitchen] is really awesome,” Sama Habib, GSB ’14, president of SCC, said. “Fordham has been waiting to get a big brand name on campus, and [Jamba Juice] offers students a specialty not already present on campus. Who doesn’t love smoothies?”

Habib further stated that on the opening day of Jamba Juice, students are welcome to stop by in Dagger John’s for free samples at noon. For both Energy Kitchen and Jamba Juice, SCC will be hosting a series of events promoting awareness on campus about the new dining additions.

While Jamba Juice offers protein and antioxidant-rich smoothies, typically with a healthy blend of fruits, vegetables and sometimes yogurt, Energy Kitchen offers numerous low-calorie options, such as smoothies, wraps, salads, burgers and soups. Students are excited about the prospects of having these popular eateries conveniently accessible to them.

According to Jamba Juice’s official website, “Jamba Juice products are made with high quality ingredients and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and 0g of trans fat. Jamba’s menu also provides meal and snack alternatives for students with special dietary needs including non-dairy, non-gluten, vegetarian and vegan.”

“I’m really looking forward to the start of outside food vendors like Jamba Juice coming on campus,” Matt Cucino, FCRH ’14, said. “More food options are always great, especially if they’re healthy.”

Jamba Juice is already located at various colleges throughout the nation including Louisiana State University, Boston University and Northeastern University.

Fordham’s Hospitality Services, as well as the McGinley Fitness Center, have also been promoting healthy eating initiatives in other ways on campus.