Previewing This Year’s Spring Weekend Concert


Whethan is known for his remix of Skrillex’s remix of Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode.” (Courtesy of Facebook)

On March 28, Campus Activities Board (CAB) announced its Spring Weekend concert lineup: Sean Kingston, Whethan and Bryce Vine. After the news that CAB had removed Soulja Boy from the concert, students worried that the final lineup would not make up for this initial loss. In addition, Kingston’s announcement as a performer has been followed by requests for his removal from various groups on campus. However, many have ended up being optimistic about the concert.

While Kingston is exciting for some, many on campus had heard of neither Whethan, Soulja Boy’s replacement, nor Bryce Vine until the announcement. Kingston’s presence on the lineup has increased some students’ positive outlooks for the event.

“I was honestly a bit upset when they announced that Soulja Boy wasn’t going to be performing anymore, until they announced Sean Kingston,” Julia Swanson, FCRH ’21, stated. “I think I’m more excited for him than I was for Soulja Boy.”

Kingston is known for his hits “Beautiful Girls,” “Take You There” and “Fire Burning” from 2008 and 2009, as well as “Eenie Meenie” with Justin Bieber. However, an introduction for the Jamaican-American singer may be unnecessary, as “a lot of his songs are gonna be fun throwbacks that everyone knows,” according to Magee Snyder, FCRH ’20.

Snyder also said that the concert is going to “have fun, upbeat music that will bring everyone together since he’s from our generation.” However, both Snyder and Swanson agreed that they did not know much about the other two Spring Weekend concert performers.

Whethan, the co-headliner for the concert, is a 19-year-old DJ that toured with The Chainsmokers in his senior year of high school. His music features many popular artists such as Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Oh Wonder, Portugal. The Man, Elohim and more.

“I do really like the song ‘Superlove’ by Whethan,” Snyder said. “I don’t know anything else by him, but I do like that one song!” Whethan’s style, which is similar to that of The Chainsmokers, is promising for an event like the Spring Weekend concert. It is laidback yet dance-provoking and builds up well to Kingston. His sound will differ from that of the other performers and offer a change of pace between each act.

The opening act, Bryce Vine, is known for his 2017 hit “Drew Barrymore,” which garnered over 115 million listens on Spotify. “I’m excited to see Bryce Vine perform,” Arianna Chen, FCRH ’22, said. “I think he’s super different from the rest of the lineup.”

What makes Bryce Vine different? He is a rapper and singer that got his start on “The Glee Project” and also attended Berklee College of Music. While his collaborations are not as extensive as Whethan’s, his latest song “La La Land” features YG, and he was featured in “Coming Home” by G-Eazy in 2010.

While Bryce Vine’s songs are R&B, his take on it is not traditional, as he is influenced by bands like Third Eye Blind. The instrumentation in “Sour Patch Kids” even sounds reminiscent of the indie pop-rock songs from 2012.

Despite Whethan and Bryce Vine not being well-known by Fordham students, they are still excited for the concert and for good reason. Each performer brings something different to the table (or in this case, the stage) that will get students excited and jumping around on Martyrs’ Lawn.

However, when asked for her thoughts on the lineup, Mary Interdonati, FCRH ’20, said, “I’d like to see a woman one of these years.”

As valid as Interdonati’s comment is, especially in the lineups she has seen during her time at Fordham, this year’s show still promises a good time for students. If you have not had the chance to check out either Whethan or Bryce Vine out on Spotify or Apple Music, get on it before the concert on April 27. Do not doubt an artist you have yet to listen to.

“I really like Whethan, and I listen to him pretty [often] and I know a few of his songs,” Ethan Dobrzynski, FCRH ’20, shared. “I have listened to [Bryce Vine] before and enjoy his music.”

Especially considering how Whethan was found so quickly after Soulja Boy’s departure from the lineup, CAB is working to make this a Spring Weekend concert one to remember. The only thing left for students to hope for is good weather and solid ground to dance upon on Martyrs’ Lawn.