A Guide to Fordham’s Freshman Dorms


(Courtesy of Rachel Gow)

Freshman Dorm


The three most popular questions you ask and get asked by fellow freshman in your first month at Fordham are: what’s your name, where are you from and of course, what dorm are you living in? Get to know all of Fordham’s freshman dorms here.



Frequently referred to as hotel Loyola, this dorm is definitely one of the nicest freshman residences on campus. Each room is large, generally accommodates three students and has hardwood floors and a personal sink. Okeefe, a twenty-four-hour study lounge on the first floor of Loyola is another perk that allows residents to avoid trekking to the library in the cold winter months. Because Loyola doubles as an academic community and is smaller than other dorms on campus, the students who live here get to know each other a bit better than those in South or Loschert. It is also important to keep in mind that Loyola lacks a full kitchen and community printer. Consider buying a printer for your room and leave pasta that can’t be microwaved at home. If you live in this dorm freshman year, appreciate the working air conditioning and extra space.



As one of the largest freshman dorms on campus, South always has a bustling feel to it. Friends often meet here before going out or to hang and watch movies, and the building is often viewed as the fun dorm. However, its size can make it daunting. You can’t know everyone in the building, so try to start with your floor. Each one has its own study lounge, which you can go into for school work and as a way to make friends. It is also located at the far end of campus. This makes it convenient when residents want to pop over to the library or get a P.O.D sandwich, but make sure you factor in its whereabouts when setting alarms for your 8:30 a.m. in FMH. Another thing to keep in mind is South’s lack of air conditioning so pack your fans.



Formally called Alumni Court North (and still named so on Snap Maps), Loschert is basically the same building as South, just 50 yards closer to McGinley. Enjoy (or don’t) the proximity to the cafeteria and again, don’t forget a fan.



Queens Court

Queens Court, the wellness dorm on campus, is similar to Loyola in that it doubles as living space and community. Residents apply to dorm here and must sign a contract when they arrive, pledging to live a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. This allows likeminded individuals to live together and contributes to the dorm’s tight-knit community. If you live here, take advantage of the beautiful Harry Potter-esque study areas and great programming. Queen’s Court has a larger budget than other dorms on campus and puts on great events for the students who live there. Instead of going out on a Friday night, enter a lottery for free Broadway tickets or participate in movie marathons.



While Martyrs Court is often considered the most dreaded dorm on campus – the walls are close together, and the air conditioning units are not effective enough to combat these tight living quarters. However, the building definitely has its redeeming qualities. Being physically close to the undergraduates around you makes the emotional bonds you form with fellow residents much stronger. Like South, it has study commons on each floor, helping you to make friends and providing study spaces when you are too lazy to leave the dorm. If you live in Martyrs’, embrace the crowd. If you need space, Martyrss steps is always a great place to chill.


At the end of the day, there is no perfect dorm for you; by the same token, there is no wrong dorm. They all have their perks as well as their faults. They also all house a bunch of fellow students waiting to be your friends. And if you find that you click better with people in other dorms, by all means, hang out with them!