Simon’s Deli Closes After Failing to File Taxes


Julia Corbett/The Fordham Ram

Simon’s Deli, a deli on Arthur Avenue frequently patronized by Fordham students and members of the Bronx community, was seized by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance on Wednesday, Aug. 28. The business reopened shortly after its seizure.

Students noticed Simon’s was closed when an orange sign appeared on its doors.

“WARNING. This property has been seized for nonpayment of taxes, and is now in the possession of the state of New York,” the sign read.

According to business owner Simon Kajtazi, the deli closed because his mother neglected to file her taxes on time.

“It can happen to anyone,” he said.

Kajttazi said some students were concerned that the Barnyard BBQ, a bar in the Belmont neighborhood
owned by Kajtazi, would also be closed. However, Barnyard BBQ was not seized because the two businesses are under different names and corporations, according to Kajtazi.

“[The students] were more concerned about it affecting the Barnyard,” he said.

He said many Fordham students contacted him with their concerns about both businesses when the deli closed.

Kiyana Marsh, FCRH ’21, said she was one of those students.

When she called, Kajtazi explained the tax filing issue. Marsh said she didn’t know if it was going to open again and was worried that it would take a long time even if it did.

“I’m just happy they’re back,” she said. “I love going to Simon’s every morning for breakfast and need their iced coffee to get through the day.”

Anthony Gambino, FCRH ’21, said he was in shock when Simon’s closed.

“I was there the day before and had no idea that was potentially the last greasy burger and shake I would scarf down at Simons,” he said. “Honestly, I’m glad it’s back, but it’s kind of anticlimactic that it reopened only a few days later.”

According to Kajtazi, Simon’s Deli opened in 2007, but his family has been doing business here since 1986.