The Next Star in Women’s Tennis Is Here


Bianca Andreescu became the top women[‘s tennis player in the world at the past US Open, and the future is bright for young stars like her (Courtesy of Flickr).

Before Serena Williams, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, returned from a one-year hiatus from the game, women’s tennis had lost the star it had for so many years. Sloane Stephens and Caroline Wozniacki, just to name a few, each secured a major trophy in her absence. Naomi Osaka and Simona Halep took home two trophies of their own, each beating Serena once in the finals, where she has a 0–4 record since her return. Williams has not been able to win trophies like we have come to expect, and the door has been opened for a new face to take over the game of women’s tennis. While a few other women have won majors before, none have looked quite as ready to do so as Bianca Andreescu.

Before discussing the potential, however, it is important to discuss the journey for Andreescu. Her career to this point has not been easy, as injuries stunted her growth and, for the past two years, she has failed to advance past the qualifying rounds of the US Open. At the start of the season, Andreescu was ranked outside the top 150 in women’s tennis. Now she has her first major trophy and a number five ranking in the world. What a difference a year can make.

More importantly, when it comes to the court, Andreescu has tremendous talent. For one of the very first times, Williams was defeated by her own best attribute — power. At times, it almost seemed like Williams was looking in the mirror at a younger version of herself. Andreescu is not a one-dimensional player either, as she is agile and intuitive enough to pose a challenge against almost any opponent. Perhaps most impressive of all, at just 19 years old, she was able to finish the job against the biggest opponent on the biggest stage in tennis — something that more experienced players often struggle to do. In victory, while Osaka—a similar young phenom —seemed a bit uncomfortable, a product of the situation to be sure, Andreescu appeared more than ready, as if she always knew she was going to be in the spotlight, and had been there all along.

It may be just one tournament. It may have been the underwhelming play of Serena Williams. It may be an overreaction. However, Bianca Andreescu showed that she has exactly what it takes to become the next star in women’s tennis, and it does not seem to be very long before she, at the age of 19, does just that.