New York Pizza Festival Showcases Pizzerias From Around the World


Sean Finlay/ The Fordham Ram

The New York Pizza Festival took place just blocks from Fordham.

When it hit noon on Sat. October 5, Crescent Avenue was flooded with pizza enthusiasts from near and far for the second annual New York Pizza Festival. Attendees came to try renowned pizza restaurants from all over the country and world.

Pizza artisans from Miami, Las Vegas, Denver and even Naples, Italy set up shop to showcase their unique combinations of ingredients and their labored processes of creating what they believe to be the best slice.

Vendors included 25 pizza shops within the United States, and five from Italy.

Pugsley’s Pizza, a restaurant popular among Fordham students, had a chance to showcase its classic “Large New York Style” slice, as indicated on its sign.

Fortunately for those that enjoyed it, Pugsley’s is only a few blocks from Crescent Avenue, giving those who live in the area a glimmer of hope that they would not have to wait until next year to have Pugsley’s again.

The enjoyment did not solely come from those eating the pizza, but vendors giving away their pizza as well.

The two men running Harry’s Pizzeria stand from Miami, Florida were having a blast. When asked how they made their way to the festival, one said it was on a whim.

“My manager told me there was a festival in New York, and we were invited,” he said. “I was super pumped and could not wait to come show off how good this pizza is.”

With fontina and gruyere cheeses, caramelized onion, short rib and arugula, Harry’s had a long line all day. They were constantly handing out hot slices, satisfying many, evident by the “wows” and smiles from those who ate it.

Connor Wright, GSB ’22, said the experience was eye-opening.

“I have been eating traditional New York-style pizza my whole life,” he said. “ I never had a chance to try many kinds or styles of pizza, and I was really surprised at how good and unique each place was in relation to the ingredients and how they made it.”

Katie Von Der Lippe, GSB ’21, and Hannah McGee, FCRH ’21, also attended the festival. Like Wright, they said they loved the experience, saying it was “fun,” “memorable,” and also “easy,” especially since they both live very close to the festival, an added bonus for a number of Fordham students who were in attendance.

Von Der Lippe, who is from Colorado, said she especially liked Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza, a restaurant that ironically is very close to her at home.

From braised beef to fresh cheese and spicy peppers, it was a combination that she never thought existed, and she said she already cannot wait to go to the restaurant itself when she goes home during her school break.

Von Der Lippe, McGee and Wright all said they were planning to buy tickets again when the festival comes back to the Bronx.