Senior Transfer Student Has Family As Support System


Jasmine Ali, FCRH ’20 trasfered to Fordham University in her junior year. (Courtesy of Jasmine Ali)

For Jasmine Ali, FCRH ’20, the path to Fordham University was not perfectly laid with yellow bricks. In fact, Ali’s college experience did not even begin at the Rose Hill campus. Yet, along the way, her journey has maintained one constant and positive source of motivation: family.

A native New Yorker, Ali grew up in Brooklyn with an Egyptian father and Italian mother. Because of her parents, she was able to experience a family-friendly environment not only at home, but also in her neighborhood. Her father owned an ice cream shop called Jasmine’s Sweet Shop, named after her, in the Bensonhurst area. Ali’s mother owned a Hallmark store just down the block.

Ali enjoyed every moment she was able to help her parents at both stores, especially the times when she and her father would make ice cream. Growing up around people was perfect for Ali, who loved to socialize and interact with the customers who came to either store.
When her grandparents became ill, Ali and her mother made the decision to move upstairs from them in a two-family house in order to care for them. During that time, Ali’s bond with her grandfather strengthened.

“I became very close to my grandpa,”said Ali. “We used to play cards and watch the Yankees together on the YES network every night”

She credits her grandfather for being a second father figure in her life, while her grandmother always spoiled the household each Sunday night with her Italian cooking.

After graduating high school, Ali applied to over 20 schools but was still unsure of where she wanted to attend college. Having attended an all-girls Catholic high school, Ali did want her choice to be a private Catholic institution.

One of the universities she applied to was Fordham. Unfortunately, Ali did not get accepted the first time around. Even so, she did not mind much, in part because she did not want to be so close to home and sought a new experience.

Ali attended Loyola University Maryland for two years. Despite enjoying fond memories there in her freshman and sophomore years, she also called it one of the most challenging times in her life, and felt a change was necessary after her sophomore year.

Wanting to be closer to her family, Ali applied to Fordham again, this time as a transfer student. She was ultimately accepted and in the end, she says that coming to Fordham was a no-brainer decision. Her uncle had attended Fordham Law School and her aunt had previously stated that Fordham would be a great fit for her.

Ali has not looked back since. She is currently double majoring in sociology and communications and culture, where she is part of the Communications Honor Society.

Knowing she was going to be here for only two years, Ali wasted little time becoming a part of the Fordham community.

She took her talents to the local radio station on campus, WFUV 90.7 FM, at the beginning of the 2019 spring semester to talk sports like she did with her grandfather growing up.

“I have grown since I have been there, both in my knowledge of the behind the scenes of radio and in my work ethic amongst my peers,” she said. “WFUV has been rewarding in making me a more mature individual that is able to handle every obstacle that should come my way.”

Ali also currently interns at Smithsonian Media in their advertising department. Despite the heavy workload, Ali would not have it any other way. Through it all, her biggest inspiration will always be her family, especially her mother.

She is adamant that all her success and worth ethic comes from her mother, whom Ali describes as “having has the biggest heart and someone who would give anyone the shirt off of her back to another in need.”

Even though Ali is not completely certain of what lies ahead of her after graduation this coming May, she is motivated to give back to her mother for all the years of encouragement and guidance.

All of Ali’s best qualities originate from her mother and the entire family – her willingness to never quit in the face of adversity, striving for the best in everything and everyone around her

Family values have made her transition to Fordham seamless and more importantly, an experience she will cherish for the rest of her life.