Super Suits, Animal Prints and Gemstones Highlight 2019 Fall Fashion


This fall has seen the rise of animal prints among other trends.(Courtesy of Twitter)

Summer is over. Bathing suits, crop tops and shorts have been thrown into the depths of our closets, forgotten about until next spring. However, the culmination of summer means that autumn has finally arrived — it’s officially sweater weather, and fall trends have begun to appear.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) along with a large assortment of other shows, first introduced the potential fall trends. Brands including Burberry, Prada and Valentino expressed their ideas for upcoming styles. These trends include various clothing, patterns and materials.

Serving as an alternative to typical trench coats or denim jackets, the cape is a huge trend this fall. These sleeveless coats have popped onto multiple Fall 2019 runways, including Céline, Burberry and Oscar de la Renta.

In a year dominated by Marvel and DC, these capes are partially inspired by the influx of superhero mania. They add a comfortable sense of flair to simpler traditional outfits. Capes paired with layers, wide-brimmed hats and fringes produce a complete statement look.

Other powerful looks include “super” suits and blazers. These power suits are running abundant, tailored by the likes of Proenza Schouler and Givenchy. Blazers include pockets (an essential) and give the wearer a sense of confidence and power. Another popular form of this style is nipping the waist by cinching the blazer with a belt.

Deviating from of 2018’s off-the-shoulder style, many dresses this year incorporate an asymmetrical neckline. Carolina Hererra, Zimmerman and Kate Spade NY runways’ dresses highlight the collarbone and shoulder without providing a full display of them.

An abundance of styles exist on and off the runway. Charming “itty-bitty” bags exploded across social media for their small, yet convenient size. “A small, structured style in a new shape is the statement bag of the season,” Nordstrom’s Creative Director Ruth Basloe told ELLE. Statement hats are also being used to spice up normal outfits — bucket hats, fedoras and berets are currently the most popular. Fleeces, especially by Patagonia, are also trending.

Besides articles of clothing, multiple patterns have erupted across the fashion world. Bright, blossoming designs have been replaced with darker, moodier floral patterns this season. Plaid proved its staying power this year and provides a cool-girl twist to a simple blazer or pair of pants.

The most popular pattern this season, though, remains animal print. Leopard spots, snakeskin, zebra stripes and giraffe prints ran wild across the runways. These patterns pair well with denim and animal-inspired accessories.

Saturated jewel tones embellish many fall 2019 clothes, and they often contrast against neutral backdrops. Amethyst purple emerged this year due to its incorporated intensity in simpler garb. Lavenders and mauves also dominate with their pale, beautiful shades.

Gold appeared on the radar this year as well, embellishing jewelry and scarves. Other popular jewel tones include sapphire, emerald and ruby.

On the other side of the color spectrum, neon colors have illuminated the trends of the world. Bright pinks, chartreuses and aquamarines shine in comparison to the duller colors of the coming winter.

Besides colors, materials also exude a strong impression over this season’s style. Layered styles such as leather-on-leather are prominent. Examples include leather dresses paired with leather jackets or leather coats associated with worn leather boots.

Feathers have also popped onto 2019 style radars. One of Prada’s collections uses feathers to bring light textures into intense outfits. Typically, sleeves and pant edges are trimmed with feathered fringes. Satin and lace have also become prominent, and they pair well with lace edges or neon hues.

These various trends, whether a leopard shirt or an extravagant jacket, help wearers express their creativity.

Don’t get comfortable, though. The fall season will soon come to an end and before we know it, winter will be upon us.