USG Discusses Sustainability Week


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

On Thursday, Oct. 31, the United Student Government (USG) discussed upcoming events such as Sustainability Week and this year’s upcoming Thanks-Give-Away.

During the delegate updates, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) delegate spoke about the diversity campaign that will be hosted on the CAB Instagram, @fordham_cab, throughout November.

The campaign will feature cultural clubs and events on campus posted on Instagram. The Commuter Students Association (CSA) delegate reminded the representatives of this year’s upcoming Thanks-Give-Away on Nov. 21. Thanks-Give-Away is a fundraiser hosted by CSA to raise donations for Part of The Solution (POTS), a nonprofit in the Bronx area. Students can participate in the event either by purchasing a $5 ticket or by donating five cans of food to the event.

Other important dates included Sustainability Week and the upcoming USG Art Show in McGinley. Sustainability week will span from Nov. 4 until Nov. 8 and will include a documentary screening, potluck and community cleanup.

Students can find the exact schedule for the event at the Sustainability Committee’s Instagram, @fordhamsustainability. The USG Art Show in McGinley was accepting submissions from the student body until Nov. 5, and the actual event will be in the Bepler Commons on Nov. 22.

USG also discussed a proposal for Open Campus Wednesdays. The initiative lead by Mark Naison, professor of history and African and African American studies, proposed that Fordham open its gates to the general public on a specific day of the week, in this case, Wednesday. Mark Naison and a group of USG students planned to visit Public Safety this week to discuss the proposal.

At the meeting, USG senators brought up issues with logistics in response to the proposal. They worried about how to ensure everyone left campus at the end of the day and ways to draw community members to Fordham for open campus days if they were created.

Some members of USG felt weekends or Sundays when the campus is open for church services may work better. Others thought planned events might provide a reason for people to visit campus.

In the additional reports, Sen. Simon Rodriguez, GSB ’20, stated that the Committee on International Integration is still looking for a co-chair and more international members.

Sen. Luke Morgan, GSB ’22, said he reached out to the Fordham IT department to find out if an alternative to Philo had been found. Philo is the streaming service through which Fordham used to provide students with HBO GO. IT told him that no replacement had been found.