Pilot Pete’s Turbulent Season of “The Bachelor”


This season of “The Bachelor” features pilot Peter (Pete) Weber. S a pioneer in abortion rights, passed away at the age of 69. 69.n HBO’s new seven-part limited series “Big Little Lies.” (Courtesy of Facebook)

It was the pop heard around the world. This year’s bachelor, Peter “Pilot Pete” Weber, was enjoying his night with his First Impression Rose recipient Hannah Ann. As the two waltzed around Bachelor Mansion, the pair came across a smartly placed bottle of champagne by the fireplace. The two decided to enjoy it, but little did they know, Kelsey from Iowa had brought the bottle from home in order to share it for a “special moment” with Weber. Therefore, chaos ensued, leading to champagne spewing all over Kelsey’s face.

Every single year, the seemingly immortal Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, claims “This year’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ will be the most dramatic yet.” Usually, the audience rolls their eyes, wondering what the producers could possibly come up with this year. Remarkably, Weber’s season may actually be the most over-the-top, crazy and absolutely diabolic one ever.

The reality show entered its 24th season in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down. Just this year alone, “The Bachelor” already has four spinoffs following its finale, including a singing competition, a senior citizen edition of the show and beloved veterans “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The sheer absurdity of the drama on the show keeps viewers coming back for more. We can’t get enough of the classic “Can I steal you for a sec?”’ moments and Fantasy Suites, and nobody knows why. The easiest explanation is that everyone needs a little bit of trashy reality TV in their lives.
To put it simply, this season has a lot of turbulence. The beloved pilot, who did “it” four times in a windmill with Hannah Brown on the 15th season of

“The Bachelorette,” returned for a second chance at love but had no idea what his season would entail. Hannah Ann and Kelsey’s champagne battle was just the beginning.

In week three, the first “Is she here for the right reasons?” debate emerged around Alayah, a pageant queen whose voice conveniently went up three octaves in pitch when she spoke with Weber. Another contestant, Sydney, accused her of being “fake,” leading to Weber ousting Alayah from the house, only to bring her back a week later. That did not go over well with the rest of the girls, and Alayah quickly found herself packing her bags again.

Then there’s Victoria F., the single most infuriating character this season. Every episode ends with her either crying, claiming she’s shy and meek or yelling at someone. In the episode involving an “exotic” trip to Cleveland, producers decided to act extra evil and have her ex-boyfriend, Chase Rice, perform at her and Weber’s one-on-one. Offscreen, gossip sites exposed her past modeling gigs with White Lives Matter and her multiple affairs with married men. But for some inexplicable reason, she made it to the final three.

Besides these women, every single contestant on the season acts as the season’s “villain” at one point or another. There are no heroes (except for Madison and Kelley, the latter sent home before her time). Sydney, Alayah’s accuser, claimed she spent her entire senior year hiding from bullies in the bathroom, but uncovered yearbook pictures tell a very different story: she was allegedly homecoming queen. So who’s the liar now?
McKenna loved Weber a little too much: when he simply talked to another girl, she sobbed, cried and licked her lips. When Weber finally put her out of her misery and sent her home, she gave a speech any Pinterest quote account would be proud to feature.

However, there’s still a few fan-favorites left in the mix. Even after the champagne situation, Kelsey won over many hearts in Bachelor Nation through her genuine connection with Weber. (Her love wasn’t enough to save her during Hometowns, unfortunately.) Kelley’s carefree, relaxed attitude also served as a breath of fresh air following the other girls’ craziness. Both seemed to be top contenders for the highly coveted position as “Bachelorette,” until ABC shocked Bachelor Nation by announcing that Clare Crawley, runner up from the 2014 “Bachelor” season would be handing out roses next season.

There’s just one problem surrounding Weber’s season as a whole: he’s a loveable idiot that has no idea what he’s going to do at the end of this. He says he wants a relationship with an engaged, loyal partner, but then he eliminates Kelsey — the only woman who seemed to have absolutely no doubts about him — in favor of the wishy-washy Victoria F.

He says he’s falling in love with Madison, but after she tells him she’ll probably walk away if he sleeps with anyone during Fantasy Suites, he still sleeps with both Hannah Ann and Victoria F. The list goes on and on.

Throughout the season, the contestants and fans have been infuriated with his questionable decisions and inconsistent track record of cocktail parties this season. There are two weeks left until the finale, and no one knows what he’s going to do.

We’re not even sure if Weber himself knows. There’s even an unconfirmed rumor spreading that he ends up with a producer, instead of any of the girls. Weber needs a reality check, and fast — maybe smashing his head against a golf cart in Costa Rica messed with his head a little bit.

Nevertheless, the drama shows no signs of slowing down. Madison walked away from Weber after he slept with the other women, and he seems absolutely crushed. Promotional videos show his mother crying and shaking her head, begging her son “not to let her go.”

It feels as if Madison is about to walk away with the whole thing. Honestly, if anyone but Victoria F wins his heart, Bachelor Nation will be pleased.