Entertainment for the Quarantine: “Tiger King,” “Animal Crossing,” The Weeknd and More


Here is a summary of new things to keep you entertained during the quarantine. (Courtesy of Facebook)

The entire world has faced the coronavirus for weeks now, and its spread shows no sign of slowing. As the death toll and infected numbers continue to rise, social distancing remains important as ever. Staying inside all day long can prove to be quite boring. However, many new forms of entertainment are being released every day to appease the masses while they stay in isolation.

While most movie theaters have shut down until further notice, that hasn’t stopped new films from being released. While big-budget spectacles such as “Black Widow,” “A Quiet Place Part II” and “No Time to Die” have had their release dates postponed, some films have made the decision to be available on-demand or on various streaming platforms. For example, the highly anticipated Harley Quinn superhero film “Birds of Prey” was released on-demand after its brief theatrical release.

Romance fans can quench their thirst for love with “I Still Believe,” a poignant yet tear-jerking love story starring “Riverdale” star KJ Apa. The movie tells the true story of Christian singer Jeremy Camp and how his relationship with the love of his life ended in tragedy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, horror fans also have a lot of new choices, including “The Invisible Man.” Elizabeth Moss attempts to evade her abusive ex-boyfriend in this thriller, but there’s one big problem: He has figured out how to become invisible, and no one believes the protagonist’s cries for help since he’s believed to be dead.

Disney gave audiences a new slate of films on its new streaming site Disney+. The newest addition to the Pixar franchise, “Onward,” comes to Disney+ in early April after its brief tenure in theaters. The animated film, which features the voices of beloved Marvel stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt explores family-oriented themes as two brothers living in a fairytale utopia try to resurrect their deceased father for 24 hours. Another recent release is an adaptation of children’s book “Stargirl,” with the titular character being played by “America’s Got Talent” winner Grace Vanderwaal. Disney also treated fans to the ever-popular Frozen franchise with a surprise in mid-March: “Frozen 2” was released nearly three months earlier than expected.

Netflix still releases new enjoyable content daily, and a different show seems to be going viral every week. Notably, critically-acclaimed crime drama “Ozark” and the beloved teen thriller “Elite” both released their third seasons this past week. “Ozark,” which depicts a financial advisor’s struggles against a feared drug lord, has been an award-winning Netflix staple for years. Meanwhile, “Elite” has been praised for its compelling storylines and representation of Spanish culture. Another show very similar to “Elite,” “On My Block,” also recently dropped its third season earlier this month. The show, which explores the relationships between a group of teenagers in a tough Los Angeles neighborhood, has enthralled viewers with its complex themes and strong relationships between the characters. Other recent shows include the Carrie-esque teen drama “I Am Not Okay with This” and applauded British comedy “Sex Education.”

If you prefer the drama of reality television, Netflix still has you covered. The shenanigans of recent reality outings, including the romantic experiment of “Love Is Blind” and the social media battle of “The Circle,” have captivated viewers since mid-winter. Quarantine has only heightened their popularity. Another show, “Cheer,” takes reality to a more serious note by providing viewers with a glimpse into the compelling world of the Navarro cheer squad.

However, no show can match the sheer wackiness of “Tiger King,” a documentary exploring the lifestyle of Joe Exotic and his fellow big-cat breeders. Describing the story is impossible to put into words; you need to watch it to experience its unbelievable absurdity. A man who sold drugs by hiding them in the stomachs of living snakes is the sanest individual of the big-cat bunch.

Although Netflix seemingly reigns supreme over the TV world at the moment, other streaming services still offer a variety of programs. Emmy and Golden Globe-winning program “Killing Eve” drops its third season on Hulu on April 12. If you missed the dramatics of Pilot Pete’s season of the Bachelor, Hulu still offers the entire tumultuous season on its platform. Meanwhile, every Friday, Disney+ is launching episodes of the final season of “The Clone Wars,” the beloved Star Wars cartoon resurrected by the streaming service last year.

Aside from TV, people have relied on video games to fend off waves of boredom. The most popular game right now is “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” on the Nintendo Switch. The beloved Isabelle and apparent crook Tom Nook are back for more town development, and everyone is talking about it. Minecraft, too, remains a classic game to pass the time with. In fact, the LC Sinners released a server with a recreation of Keating Hall and Edwards Parade. It may be the only way we can return to campus at the moment.

As for music, there’s still a bunch of great new options to listen to. Two of music’s biggest solo stars, The Weeknd and Dua Lipa, have released albums during the quarantine. The Weeknd’s sounds are as seductive and futuristic as ever during “After Hours,” and Dua Lipa demonstrates her powerful vocals with her ’80s inspired outing “Future Nostalgia.” Alongside this pair, rock band 5 Seconds of Summer released their fourth album “CALM.” Fans will be pleased to hear that the foursome’s music is as punk-rock and catchy as ever.

While times may be dark at the moment, there is still so much to see, hear and experience. Social distancing, as hard as it may be, brings many new experiences for all of us. Therefore, for the time being, let’s take advantage of staying in our homes with a fresh new show or album to enjoy.