What We’re Looking Forward to this Fall (Music, Movies, TV and More)


      1. Adele’s New Album 

After a five year hiatus from music, Adele has confirmed that she will be dropping a new album in September of this year. Adele is known for her deep-cutting ballads and lyrical prose, and the album’s anticipation has been building for some time. Many believe that the artist’s divorce from Simon Konecki will be a central focus for the album.


      2. “On The Rocks”

Sofia Coppola’s new film “On The Rocks” starring Bill Murray (who worked with Coppola before in “Lost In Translation”), Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans is scheduled to release this October. Produced by A24, the movie follows Laura, played by Jones, and her father, Felix, played by Murray, as they investigate the activities of her potentially unfaithful husband, Dean, played by Wayans. You can watch the trailer on YouTube.


      3. “Woke”

A new Hulu show called “Woke” is set to premiere on Sept. 9. It stars “New Girl” favorite Lamorne Morris as cartoonist Keith Knight, who initially prefers to keep politics out of his comics until a mom of white policeman falsely arrest him.  Then he goes, “woke.” 


      4. SZA Album

In a series of tweets from the start of January this year, SZA promised to release new music in 2020. (Let’s hope she wasn’t talking about the song she made with Justin Timberlake for “Trolls World Tour”). Perhaps the pandemic destroyed her timeline and the album won’t drop this year, but we can hope.


      5.“The Lying Life of Adults”

The brilliant writer behind the Neapolitan series (aka “My Brilliant Friend”), Elena Ferrante, is releasing her newest book, “The Lying Life of Adults,” in English (translated by Ann Goldstein) on Sept. 1. The novel centers around Giovanna, a young woman living in Naples, and her experience of growing into adolescence and adulthood. Netflix has already announced a new series based on the book.


      6. Live-Action “Mulan”

The highly anticipated live-action version of the Disney classic is being released on Disney Plus Sept. 4. It was initially set to be released in March in theaters, but due to COVID-19 will instead be on the streaming service and cost $30. The live-action film has been mired in controversy as Disney has removed plot points deemed culturally insensitive and taken music out completely. The new film is expected to be more accurate and is highly anticipated among fans.


      7.“The Devil All the Time” 

This Netflix Original psychological thriller features a star-studded cast, including Robert Pattison and Tom Holland, and will be released on Sept. 16. It is based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock and features a tormented veteran following World War II.