USG Addresses Construction Noise Complaints


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

The United Student Government (USG) began its weekly meeting by discussing the construction of Thebaud Hall. 

Executive President Olivia Quartell, FCRH ’21, brought up that construction happening on Thebaud Hall overnight is disruptive to students living off campus. Construction can be heard from across Fordham Road as late as 2 a.m. 

Quartell said she is contacting administration to see what can be done, and those with any further complaints can contact USG. 

USG and Cody Acuri, assistant dean for Student Involvement, are working to get guidelines for the extended winter break as it is still unclear what will be open for students during finals and in January prior to reopening for the spring semester. 

Acuri shed some administrative light on the situation and said that offices will remain open after Thanksgiving break and during finals. It is unclear whether the library and study spaces will be open and, if so, when they will be. 

Earlier in the semester Senator Theresa Jacobs, FCRH ’23, proposed a potential pass/fail option for students. 

The option was given during the spring 2020 semester due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the quick change to online classes. 

Jacobs said that many other schools are giving students the option to submit their classes as pass/fail for this semester as well because many classes are fully online and being taken from home. 

It was announced by Vice President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, this week to USG that the likelihood of allowing multiple classes as pass/fail is very low. Administrators believe that since students have had the chance to adjust to online classes last semester, the option is not necessary.

As always, students can declare one non-major course as pass/fail each semester according to Fordham’s guidelines. The standard pass/fail guidelines can be found here. 

USG approved the Fordham University chapter of Amnesty International, headed by Camille de Carbonnel, FCRH ’22. Amnesty International is a humanitarian organization with chapters across the country. 

Quartell and Executive Vice President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, began a new executive initiative this week. 

There is some confusion surrounding the guidelines on backgrounds on Zoom and eating etiquette. Quartell and Reuter said they hope to get clarification for what is and is not allowed on Zoom from the university. 

Lastly, each senator in USG does “transparency hours” twice a month. This is a time for students to ask their representatives whatever questions they may have. Senators post about their transparency hours on Instagram and are testing out hybrid models. You can find your representative here and contact them about their transparency hours.