USG Discusses Winter Break Concerns


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

Last Thursday, the United Student Government (USG) held its weekly meeting and discussed students’ and Senate members’ concerns over going home for the extended winter break. 

Senator Cole Mullins, FCRH ’24, mentioned the amount of time zones across the world. Mullins said his 8:30 a.m. classes began at 5:30 a.m. at his home in California. 

There is a raised concern as finals will be taken at home this year. Students could be asked to take their finals extremely early in the morning or late at night. 

Mullins and the rest of USG hope to create a policy that will allow these students a grace period so they won’t be marked absent for their class and finals because of time zone differences. 

Plans are being made by Fordham’s Walsh Library to remain open with regular hours throughout finals for students who are near campus. 

Books can be checked out to use for final papers and tests. The Walsh Library will work with you so that you can take books home without a late fee. Contact the library here with specific questions. 

New York state has just updated their quarantine policy for certain people entering the state, including students. Vice President of Operations Audrey Felton, FCRH ’22, informed USG of these new policies.

Students will be required to quarantine for three days rather than the 14 days required at the start of the year. After the three-day quarantine, students will get a COVID-19 test and then continue their quarantine until their results come back. If results come back negative, students will be released from their quarantine. USG is estimating that these quarantines will be five to six days. 

Students who are returning from hot spot states will also be allowed to quarantine in their student housing ahead of the start of classes.

A new club was passed at Thursday’s Senate meeting. Sofie Cote, FCRH ’22, president of Secular Students Association, presented to USG, where her club was passed. 

The Commuter Students Association’s Thanks-Give-Away is happening on Nov. 19. There will be Thanksgiving food, performances and giveaway items.