Avenue Gyro: A Fantastic Addition to Arthur Avenue


Avenue Gyro is a new eatery near the Fordham campus. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Avenue Gyro is a brand-new restaurant on Arthur Avenue that introduces a new cuisine to the area. Nestled away amongst dozens of New York’s most famous Italian restaurants sits some of the tastiest falafel and hummus in Belmont. 

Opening in the midst of a pandemic is not an easy feat, but Avenue Gyro has managed to create a welcoming environment and super tasty food despite the circumstances. The first time I went to the restaurant in late September, we were one of the only patrons there, despite the great reviews on Google. Sometimes it can be a bad sign when you are the only person in a restaurant, but I was very pleasantly surprised by both the food and service. 

Avenue Gyro serves traditional Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine with a significant amount of vegetarian options and a slightly more limited gluten-free selection. The menu is the perfect size and contains enough options for everyone without being too overwhelming. Like most Mediterranean restaurants, Avenue Gyro’s dishes are pretty consistent: They contain a protein aspect like falafel, gyro or chicken smothered in hummus or tzatziki sauce and topped with tons of fresh vegetables and pita. With these simple yet delicious components, you can order a sandwich with the ingredients stuffed into a pita or a large deconstructed platter. Both options are very affordable, especially for New York, with the sandwiches all being under $10 and the platters under $20. 

Every time I go to a Mediterranean restaurant, I always order some form of the falafel platter, and Avenue Gyro’s has creeped its way into my top three. My first criteria for a falafel platter is, of course, the falafel. Avenue Gyro’s falafels are delicious but also unique as they are super small, about the size of a quarter. This makes them much easier to just pop in your mouth than a traditionally sized falafel, where you have to take awkward bites off the side of your fork. 

My second criteria is that the platter must have rice pilaf because it is one of my favorite foods ever. At Avenue Gyro, you can choose between a side of rice pilaf and french fries with all of the platters. The rice pilaf had the perfect amount of saltiness and butteriness that complemented the platter perfectly, just as it should. 

My third criteria is the pita and falafel to sauce and hummus ratio. This criteria is where Avenue Gyro truly excelled. I have never had a platter with such a perfect ratio. When I was done with my falafel and pita, I was not left with heaping mounds of sauces with nothing to put them on. Also, the hummus and tzatziki were delicious and perfectly seasoned. 

Of course the food is the most important part of a good restaurant, but the atmosphere and service is a close second. With the pandemic limiting restaurants to outdoor dining only, finding a restaurant with the right atmosphere can be difficult. Avenue Gyro,however, has the perfect setup. They are located right on Arthur Avenue, which is closed to vehicle traffic on the weekend, making for a pretty peaceful dining experience. Additionally, the tables are set close to the side of the building, so you are not being surrounded by pedestrians while trying to enjoy your meal. 

The service is also phenomenal. Every time I have gone, the waiters have been attentive without being overbearing. We were even brought a delicious complimentary Greek yogurt dessert the first time I went. 

Avenue Gyro is also very diligent about COVID-19 precautions. The employees were all wearing masks and the tables were more than six feet apart. However, they offer a delivery option as well if that suits your needs more. Their delivery is fast, and the food has been warm and fresh every time I have ordered. 

Next time you are trying to find a restaurant on Arthur Avenue, don’t let Avenue Gyro’s emptiness fool you. It is not indicative of bad food or bad service but rather of a new restaurant struggling to find its footing in an incredibly difficult time. Avenue Gyro is the perfect addition to Arthur Avenue, bringing a much-needed new flavor to the area.