Marjorie Taylor Greene Raises Red Flags for U.S. Politics


Marjorie Taylor Greene has emerged as one of America’s most controversial figures. (Courtesy of Twitter)

There has been a series of unprecedented political events lately: Joe Biden winning the presidential election four days after Election Day, Georgia flipping blue for the first time since 1992 and two Senate runoff elections in Georgia resulting in Democratic victories for Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock. 


It would be fairly reasonable to assume that America has finally found some degree of unity since a transition of power has ensued. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn into office under the oath to protect American freedom and defend the Constitution from threats both foreign and domestic. However, as the world continues to witness an America still reeling from some of the darkest moments in its history, it seems the greatest threat to American democracy is in fact a domestic one.


Even with President Trump no longer in the Oval Office, the country’s divisions have only been exacerbated by baseless conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated claims of election fraud, many of which have been disseminated by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The once unified and solid Republican Party under Trump now has cracks in its foundation. 


Several members of the GOP have banned together in condemnation of Greene, urging fellow Republicans to use their political platforms to debase Greene’s bewilderingly brazen comments. As an example, Greene labeled the Parkland school shooting that claimed 17 lives as a “false flag” with machinations to dismantle the Second Amendment. Greene even attempted to damage the reputation of Parkland survivor David Hogg, likening him to a “trained dog” and an “idiot.”


Upon the House vote to strip Greene of her committee assignments in a 230-199 vote, with 11 republicans voting in solidarity with Democrats on the resolution, Greene must also be deplatformed through expulsion from her seat as congresswoman for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. It is in America’s best interest to do so, as her voice will only amplify the mistrust blaring throughout the country. 


Greene must be held accountable for her implications on committing violence against fellow politicians, which threaten the lives and normalize attacks such as the shocking assault on the Capitol just a month ago. 


Defending the Second Amendment in a logical way is never a crime. Such constructive conversations could move the nation one step closer to a much-needed compromise that defends the pivotal amendment in a way that values and protects American lives. 


However, to blatantly politicize the deaths of 17 American teenagers, vilify a survivor of domestic terrorism and propose the execution of the Speaker of the House is abhorrent. Marjorie Taylor Greene does not say what Americans are too afraid to say; she says what Americans never need to hear.


Noah Osborne, FCRH ’23, is a journalism major from Harlem, N.Y.