USG Holds In-Person First Meeting for the 2021 Spring Semester


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

On Thursday Feb. 11 Fordham United Student Government (USG) held their first in-person meeting of the Spring semester. 

The meeting’s main focus was on commuter students and their role on Fordham University’s campus. 15-20% of Fordham Rose Hill students commute to campus, said Stephen Esposito.

Stephen Esposito heads the Commuter Students Association (CSA) and brought the divide between commuter and residential students to the attention of USG senate. 

Esposito hopes to connect Commuter Assistants (CA’s) and Resident Assistants (RA’s) together so that students who commute can have a connection to a group of students who reside on campus.

Readers can follow @Fordhamcsa on Instagram to keep up with events, virtual and in-person, that CSA puts on all year long.

Vice President of Dining and Communications Maya Bentovim, GSB ’21, brought to the attention of the senate that many professors require students to order expensive access codes rather than used books. 

Bentovim wanted to see if there was anything USG could do to deter professors from using these codes making expenses even higher. The senate discussed options but no conclusions have come to pass on this issue. 

Fordham Resident Hall Association (RHA) and Commuter Students Association (CSA) created Fordham Dialogues together to initiate a community between residents and commuting students. 

Fordham Dialogues hopes to unite the groups and create a continued conversation across campus and give commuter students more of a space on campus that residential students find through housing. 

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting a Welcome Back Week full of activities during the week of Feb. 10 to 17.

The Operations Committee is hosting a winter club fair online and in-person this week. To follow COVID-19 protocols, students have to sign up for a time slot and go to the in-person club fair in waves. 

Students need to have their COVID-19 second test, following their entry test, by Friday, Feb. 12. Students must submit their test results to the student health portal or have tests taken on campus by this date.  

Currently, Fordham Rose Hill’s COVID-19 policies have not changed. Health Services is looking into the benefits of double masking and weekly testing but mask guidelines on campus have not changed yet.