USG Senators Propose New Mental Health Days


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

On Thursday, March 4, the United Student Government (USG) held their weekly meeting. Senator Kristen Ronan, FCRH ’22, and Flannery Brown, FCRH ’22, proposed their joint initiative.

The two senators, in collaboration with other members of the senate, proposed a set number of mental health days as an excused absence. 

The proposal also includes reading days, similar to those with finals, for midterms. Since midterms are fast-approaching, this part of the proposal will not be for the current semester. 

The proposal is still a work in progress, as this week was just an introduction to the proposal. Ronan and Brown are working with administrators and students alike to pass this initiative. 

A second proposal was presented to the senate by Senator Simporios, FCRH ’24, but was a collaborative effort between multiple senators. 

The proposal centered around the idea of drive-through campus tours for students who are looking at colleges during COVID-19. 

Currently, prospective students are not allowed to tour campus in person and must resort to online photos and videos. 

The senators on this project have been working with Rose Hill Society and Public Safety to work on the details of this initiative.

The proposal currently states that students from states contingent to New York City that are not on the quarantine list could participate in the drive-through tours. 

The tour will take place 100% in cars while the prospective families watch and listen to a Youtube playlist in order of the buildings the cars will pass. All persons coming to campus will have to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire to ensure safety and allow for contact-tracing.

The proposal was tabled. The senators on the project will revise the proposal and present again the following meeting. The senators were asked to resolve safety issues before presenting again. 

Fordham Fashion Collective, a Youtube channel created by Fordham students and headed by Lauren Cassot, FCRH ’23, passed as a club this week. The club creates videos about fashion, sustainability, authenticity and New York City life weekly.