Oswald Feliz Declares Victory in the Bronx 15th Council District Special Election


Oswald Feliz, tenant lawyer and lifelong Bronx resident, claims victory in 15th District City Council election. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Three weeks after election night on March 23, a winner for the Bronx 15th Council District special election was finally declared. 

After the 10th round of ranked-choice vote counts on April 12, Oswald Feliz, tenant lawyer and lifelong Bronx resident, declared an electoral victory on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 13. 

“Thank you to the voters of the 15th Council District for electing me as your Councilman! The Bronx has always been my home, and I am humbled by the faith and support District 15 has placed in me,” Felize’s campaign wrote in a tweet. “We will fight every day to ensure the best days of the Bronx are ahead.” 

According to an image posted by Feliz on Twitter, the candidate won the election with 1,766 votes out of 3,976 votes, which put Feliz 404 votes ahead of runner-up Ischia Bravo. 

The New York City Board of Elections has yet to certify the results or officially recognize Feliz’s victory, and it is unclear when they plan to do so. 

Feliz’s victory would place him on the New York City Council as a representative of the 15th District in the Bronx, which includes neighborhoods like Fordham, Belmont, Bathgate, Claremont and Tremont. 

Rep. Ritchie Torres, Feliz’s predecessor, recognized Feliz’s victory in a tweet posted on the night of April 12. 

“Congratulations to my successor, @OswaldFeliz, on his election as the new Council Member for District 15,” wrote Torres. 

Feliz’s platform contains a series of different plans targeted at improving New York City residents’ lives. This platform includes such plans as increasing affordable housing, police reform, coronavirus recovery, increasing the quality of education in public schools and strengthening tenant rights.