Fordham Resumes Limited In-Person Campus Visits for Prospective Students


Fordham resumes in-person visits of the Rose Hill campus for prospective students and their families this month. (Mackenzie Cranna/The Ram)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached New York City last spring, Fordham has restricted access to campus for prospective students, hosting online events to replace traditional campus visits. However, the university recently announced in an email to the Fordham community that it will provide new accommodations for visiting prospective students.

John Carroll, associate vice president of Fordham Public Safety, wrote that as of April 7, incoming students are able to attend in-person guided tours on campus once again. Visits will be offered Mondays through Saturdays. 

“The University will invite only admitted students who have not previously visited campus, and will initially prioritize visitors from the local metropolitan area: students who attend our community schools and Cristo Rey schools, largely from the five boroughs,” wrote Carroll.

Carroll said the resumption of in-person tours of Fordham’s campuses is in part a response to interest from prospective students and their families. “There has been sustained interest by Rose Hill students, prospective students and families to see Fordham at this critical time when they decide where they plan to spend their next four years to study and possibly reside,” said Carroll. “Many families have been vaccinated; however, we are mandating that they either bring documented proof of vaccination or undergo a COVID test within five days of their scheduled visit.”

The families who visit the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University are currently asked to follow several health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of the campus community. The number of prospective students in a tour and the total number of tours will be limited at this time. Prospective students will be limited to bringing two additional guests for in-person campus visits. The tours will only be 30 to 45 minutes long and restricted to the outdoor green spaces on campus. 

“Additionally, Public Safety will screen every visit, temperature check each person and have them sign COVID related questions based on guidance from CDC and New York State,” said Carroll.

While there are in-person tours, prospective students and their families can also still choose to partake in virtual tours of the campus instead. This option is an opportunity for parties not looking to travel or interact with others during the pandemic. Virtual tours still provide an extensive tour of any of Fordham’s campuses. 

Dean Patricia Peek, dean of Undergraduate Admissions, said the virtual tours and information sessions have been successful this year. “Our student ambassadors have been hosting much more immersive live virtual walking tours which give students and families access to more areas of our campus, including some views inside buildings and highlight some favorite places in our neighborhoods,” said Peek. “During our Guided Virtual Tour, you’ll watch our campus come to life, as you hear our students share the undergraduate experience. While you’ll be welcomed by an admissions counselor, these events are hosted by our current students.”

The virtual tours include a live picture of what campus looks like, rain or shine. It features a look inside certain noteworthy buildings, favorite spots on and around campus and descriptions of different parts of campus. 

There are some aspects of campus and university life that virtual tours aren’t able to efficiently or effectively capture. The interaction with students, professors and other members of the campus community will be limited due to the virtual format, explained Peek. 

“However, to make up for that, we have supplemented the virtual tour experiences with an array of interactive academic, social and topic based sessions that include combinations of current students, faculty, deans and staff in an effort to connect incoming families with members of our community,” said Peek.

The virtual tours provide a special opportunity for families who don’t have the financial means to attend a traditional tour or are choosing to not travel during the pandemic. The virtual tours are very comprehensive and will provide students with a unique experience. Peek added, “The enhanced virtual options that were created as a result of the pandemic are here to stay.”