USG Discusses Senior Commencement and Graduation Week


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

On Thursday, April 8, Fordham United Student Government (USG) discussed plans for Senior Commencement and Graduation Week. 

Senator Kathleen Keane, GSB ’21, announced to the Senate that current graduation restrictions are from the state government rather than Fordham’s administration. New York state has yet to update its graduation and commencement guidelines since June of 2020. 

The senior Senate members are working to contact the state to see if the policies can be changed. By April 16, there should be more detailed descriptions of commencement. Contact your senior Senate members with further questions. 

Many students have begun to get their first COVID-19 vaccine through Fordham and surrounding community locations. Students receiving the Moderna vaccine in the upcoming weeks will have their second shot during the weeks of final exams.

Vice President of Communications Maya Bentovim, GSB’23, brought an initiative to the Senate to create a plan for students who may be sick from their COVID-19 vaccine during a scheduled final. Many students have suffered an adverse reaction from their second vaccination and Bentovim wants to make sure there is a set plan for students and professors alike.

The Student Life Council will be meeting next week to discuss the continued academic season during COVID-19. 

Dean Arcuri mentioned that there are senior portrait slots still available for seniors graduating in May 2021. These slots will be the last opportunity for Fordham to students to have their senior portraits taken. 

The Commuter Students Association (CSA) has many events planned for both commuting and residential students. On April 14, there will be a scavenger hunt around campus. On April 16, there will be a pop up painting class on Edward’s Parade and on Saturday, April 17, there will be a 21-and-over paint and sip. Check out CSA on Instagram for more information.