USG Discusses Accommodations for Vaccinated Students During Final Exams


(Courtesy of United Student Government)

On Thursday, April 29, Fordham Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) held a last-minute final meeting of the 2020-2021 school year. 

The Senate discussed the issue previously brought up by Vice President Maya Bentovim, FCRH ’23, about vaccination concerns during final exams. 

Bentovim raised the concern two weeks prior after Fordham students who received their first doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine realized they would receive their second shot during final examinations. Many students who have received the vaccine have noted feeling symptoms the day after their second shot, said Bentovim.

Senator Cole Mullins, FCRH ’24, mentioned that he will receive his second shot during final examinations. Mullins said that after talking to his professors, they were willing to work with him on making accommodations, considering the irregularity of the semester and public health priorities. 

Mullins suggested that students who could have symptoms from their second COVID-19 vaccination discuss ways they can work together with their professors in advance.

Dean Cody Arcuri and the Senate are working to make classrooms in Keating Hall and Dealy Hall available during final examinations. Some free study rooms in those buildings are already available, and rooms in McGinley Center will be available to reserve during finals. 

The Senate passed five new clubs this week, beginning with an Active Minds chapter at Rose Hill. Active Minds hopes to create a space on campus to bring awareness and destigmatize mental health. The club encourages students to seek help as needed. 

The second club passed was Our Story, a spoken word club that aims to cultivate community connections on Fordham’s campus by telling meaningful stories. 

The third club passed at this week’s meeting was the Scientific Journal Review, a relaxed STEM club that allows students to talk about what they’re passionate about without the stress of grading. 

The Sustainable Business Club also passed. It seeks to create awareness of the positive impact businesses can have on the world and investigate ways to be sustainable through business. 

The final club passed in this week’s Senate meeting was the Women in STEM club. The Women in STEM club is a place for female STEM majors to gather and get help in their field. The club also plans to sponsor tutoring and on-campus events. 

USG meetings will resume in the fall semester under its recently-elected leadership for the 2021-2022 school year.