Student Life Council Welcomes Class of 2025 at First Meeting


Emily Hur/The Fordham Ram

The Student Life Council also discussed current COVID-19 policies on campus.

This past Wednesday, the Student Life Council (SLC) Executive Board gathered together in person and over Zoom for the first time this semester to discuss welcoming members of the classes of 2024 and 2025 to campus, as well as discuss community health and safety in light of the continued COVID-19 pandemic. 

The council acknowledged the incoming freshman class as Fordham’s largest, most diverse group of students since the school’s founding in 1841.Members of SLC celebrated first year students on their achievements but also highlighted the sophomores who were unable to receive a normal transition to college due to the global pandemic that pushed many classes online last year. 

The sophomores, or “froshomores” as some members of SLC referred to them, have undoubtedly had the misfortune of not experiencing a full orientation like this year’s freshmen class. Members of SLC said they understand that these students are still adjusting to a more normal collegiate environment, and they ask that professors remain understanding and accommodating.

To further connection among classmates, SLC members reiterated and discussed the importance of complying to COVID-19 guidelines. Christopher Rodgers, assistant vice president and dean of students, said he was proud to announce that 100% of Fordham faculty members are vaccinated and nearly 100% of students are as well. Those who are not fully vaccinated had to endure a rigorous vaccine exemption process, otherwise he or she would not have been able to step foot on campus this fall, said Rodgers. 

Discussions of vaccinations at the SLC meeting led to mentions of false vaccination cards that have plagued the nation and the suspicion that such cards may be roaming campus. While there is no certainty that these cards were submitted to the Public Health and Safety center, faculty members are now aware of such falsifications, said SLC. Rodgers said he is confident that the intensive process to upload and clear vaccinations for all Fordham students was able to prohibit the usage of fictitious vaccination cards. In light of this discussion, members of the SLC pressed that there is a sincere effort to stay safe by all students, whether on-campus residents or commuters. 

The circumstances of this year have created a connection between the freshmen and sophomore students, and the SLC members said they wanted to increase the emphasis on community by highlighting events for commuter students. Upcoming events include a fall retreat held on Oct. 10 as well as the annual Thanks-Give-Away event that will take place in the McGinley Center on Nov. 13. 

SLC meetings occur monthly each semester and are open for all members of the Fordham community. Email reminders are sent to all students in the lead up to meetings with information on meeting dates and times, as well as Zoom invitations for those students who prefer to attend virtually. Students are also able to submit items for the agenda before each meeting.