Fordham OMA Kicks Off Celebration of Latinx Heritage Month


Courtesy of Instagram

Fordham students enjoy a night at Yankee Stadium as part of Fordham Office of Multicultural Affairs’ Latinx Heritage Committee’s group celebration of the month.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is celebrating Latinx Heritage this month from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

According to the OMA’s official Instagram account, “Latinx Heritage Month was established as a way to celebrate and recognize the history, culture and contributions of Latinx individuals in the United States.”

This month, the OMA will be hosting multiple events in celebration of Latinx and Hispanic culture. The Latinx Heritage Month Committee, which is an extension of the OMA, planned the events occurring this month. The committee has branches at both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, meaning Latinx heritage programming will be offered at both campuses.

Chantz Kouveras, FCRH ’22, the cultural programming coordinator for the Latinx Cultural Committee, took on a significant role in the upcoming cultural events.

“I am responsible for planning and helping to coordinate the events throughout the year that celebrate Latinx heritage and culture, specifically with a focus on Hispanic Heritage Month,” he said.

Programming for Latinx Heritage month at Fordham this year ranges from a trip to a Yankees Game to a Hurricane Maria Remembrance event.
“[On the 17th,] we [had] a trip to the Yankees game. They honor[ed] Hispanic Heritage month by making a special series of hats that have different flags of Latin countries and territories on them,” said Kouveras.

The Hurricane Maria Remembrance candle lighting event will be taking place on Sept. 20 in Campbell Hall on the Rose Hill campus.
Kouveras said he was looking forward to providing a space for cultural celebration and understanding at Fordham.

“Sharing Puerto Rican history and culture is a big part of why I applied for OMA,” said Kouveras. “Getting to talk about the effects of Hurricane Maria, which is something that’s not super well understood in the mainland US, that’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Following the Hurricane Maria Remembrance event, there will be a “Cafe con OMA” event in the McGinley Lobby on Sept. 29, which will include a coffee tasting. On Oct. 15, there will be a Latinx Excellence Show to conclude the month of cultural celebration.

There will also be separate events occurring at Lincoln Center, including a Common Grounds Conversation on Sept. 28, which will focus on “human migration and Latin America,” according to Fordham’s website.

Students can stay up to date on events occurring throughout the month by following and checking in on the Latinx Heritage month Instagram page (@fordham_latinx). “There are also several more events that are still in the works,” said Kouveras.

Students can reach out to the committee to stay up to date with events that are happening or find opportunities to help with planning events and activities.

Students can either direct-message the Instagram account, email [email protected], call 718-817-0664 or visit their office in McGinley 215.

“We like to reach students where they’re at, and engage them in planning for and celebrating heritage where they can. Whether that be through Hispanic Heritage Month this month, or Black History Month, Women’s History Month, etc.,” said Kouveras. “We’re always looking out for new people to reach out and help. There’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to our planning, so we’re always happy to have more people on board.”