USG Approves New Cross Cultural Club


On Thursday, Sept. 16, Fordham Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) held their weekly meeting. 

USG voted to approve a new club on Rose Hill’s campus this week, the Cross Cultural Club. The club aims to create an inclusive, diverse space for Fordham students who do not feel like they belong in any of the other cultural clubs Fordham has to offer. The Cross Cultural Club will spend time sharing aspects of as many cultures as possible.

The USG House Committee will be taking steps to change its name to the Student Experience Committee. Committee leader and Vice President of Student Experience Elizabeth Vernon, GSB ‘22, wants to rebrand the committee name to help students understand what the committee does. 

The House Committee is in charge of events such as Keating Steps and McGinley Arts show but many people do not know what the committee does due to its misleading name, explained Vernon.

“The rebranding of the House Committee is twofold,” she said. “One so when applications open it can be more intuitive for the students applying to understand our mission. Second, we are planning on expanding the role of the committee to focus on facilitating collaborations with both clubs and school departments.”

Some USG committees are still taking applications for members. Fordham students can check out the USG Instagram account (@fordhamusg) or the official website to see which committees are still accepting applicants. 

USG reminded students that the annual Keating Steps concert event will be held on Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. The soft serve ice cream vendor Mr. Softee will be catering the event, and lawn blankets will be provided for the first students who show up to the eve​​nt.