Airing Out Your Dirty Laundry: Commuters Gain Access To Free Laundry Program


Courtesy of Flickr

A new Fordham program launched this September allows commuter students a new opportunity to do their laundry at an off campus location free of charge.

Fordham Commuter Student Services has recently begun offering a free laundry program for commuter and off-campus students at the Rose Hill campus. Students have the opportunity to wash their laundry every other Wednesday in time slots ranging from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Those participating in the program reach Giant Laundry, the laundromat on Webster the free laundry program utilizes, by riding the Ram Van from the Bathgate entrance near Finlay Hall.

The program was conceived after a survey for commuters was sent out sometime last year regarding their needs and what they would like to see from Commuter Student Services in the future.

“Some of the feedback that we got was how they were in need of laundry service, being that they are off-campus commuters but they live really close to campus, they don’t have the luxury that residents do of using [the residence halls’] laundry,” said Commuter Assistant Staff Development Coordinator Emely Mojica, FCRH ‘22. “We figured [free laundry service] was the best way to serve that population. It’s free laundry service, free detergent, we pay for the machine use and the transportation.”The program is largely credited by Mojica to Assistant Director for Leadership and Commuter Student Services in the Office of Student Involvement, Stephen Esposito, FCRH ‘17.

“This is something that Stephen took under his wing this summer, and really made it happen,” said Mojica. “He made it his mission that while we were on vacation or at internships, he was programming that we would do next over the next school year.”

The first run-through of the laundry program was on Wednesday, Sep. 8, during which classes followed a Monday schedule. Because of the schedule change, there was a chance student turnout was lower than it otherwise would have been. About 30 students used the laundry program on its first day. However, Mojica noted, considering more students are busy on Monday schedules than on Wednesday, the turnout was surprisingly high.

The turnout is likely to be higher in the following weeks, as some students who haven’t attended the program yet have expressed interest in it. “I haven’t [taken my laundry there], no, but I definitely think I will, soon,” said Ana Bui-Martinez, FCRH ‘23, “It seems really useful.”

Though the program works in conjunction with Giant Laundry as well as the Ram Van, it is not officially sponsored by Giant Laundry. “It comes out of our budget,” noted Jeffany Acosta, FCRH ‘22. Commuter Student Services pays Giant Laundry as normal, but the cost does not transfer over to the students participating in the laundry program.

Director of University Transportation Plinio Gonzalez, GSB ‘23 in the Business Administration Master’s program commented the following regarding the Ram Van Office’s involvement and participation in the new laundry program: “As a former commuter student, I am delighted to see the strides the University has made in efforts to ease the lives of commuter students. At Ram Van, we are in the business of commuting, so we understand the unique issues that these students are facing.”

“We are happy to do anything we can in order to assist. I would like to thank Stephen Esposito at CSS for his tireless work, and being instrumental in the creation of this program. We look forward to the future of this collaboration,” Gonzalez said.

The next time the free laundry program will be active is Wednesday, Sep. 22. Students can register online at the link sent out to all Fordham students by Commuter Student Services at Rose Hill.