It’s Giving Me The Shivers: Ed Sheeran’s Newest Single


Ed Sheeran’s live performance of new single “Shivers” stuns. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Jacqueline Delia, Contributing Writer

It’s hard to believe that Ed Sheeran’s debut album “+” is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month. It feels like yesterday “The A Team” was topping radio charts and leaving fans wondering who was the mysterious girl that seemed to be stuck in her daydreams.

Since the release of “+,” Sheeran has created a slew of other math-titled albums such as “X,” “÷” and even a collaboration album including well-known rappers such as Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and Eminem. With his many successful projects over the past decade, Sheeran is set to release his newest project “=” next month. 

Sheeran has given us a taste of the album with his single releases: “Bad Habits” and “Visiting Hours.” “Bad Habits” is a typical, catchy pop song. If it came on the radio I would definitely sing along, but it did not stick out to me. I felt the same with “Visiting Hours,”. However, when Sheeran released “Shivers” last week, it completely changed my outlook on his new music. 

“Shivers” is an upbeat love song that tells the story of a girl Sheeran is completely infatuated with. Between her strawberry-flavored lips and dazzling smile, Sheeran can’t get enough of her. Completely in love like never before, the girl causes his soul to be on fire, having him beg for her. When he is close to her, he gets shivers out of pure excitement, with a hint of nervousness. 

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to hear the song performed live for the first time on its release date in preparation for the VMAs. It was my first live performance since the pandemic began. I was ecstatic to see Sheeran, knowing he would put on a great show.

Prior to  arriving at the performance, I didn’t have  the chance to listen to the song, since it had just been released. I did not know what to expect based on my reactions to his previous releases from “=.” However, when he performed it for the first time, the audience and I were quickly hooked with its catchy chorus and saucy verses.

Since it was going to be a pre-recorded performance for the VMAs, Sheeran did multiple takes of the song. Expecting to be sick of it after three times in a row, I surprised myself when I was screaming the newly memorized chorus right along with the crowd. At first, I was wondering if it was the adrenaline of being back at a live performance, watching one of my favorite musicians perform live, but it was Sheeran’s infectious performance and storytelling that had me mesmerized. 

As soon as I returned home, I blasted “Shivers,” dancing wildly to the chorus, excited to add another Ed Sheeran song to my Spotify library. It’s safe to say I am extremely excited for “=” to come out, and I am looking forward to what Sheeran has been working on. Although in my mind it will be hard to top the masterpiece that “÷” was, I will be waiting for the clock to strike 12 on Oct. 29, 2021.