Fantasy Football Week Four Recap

In a week filled with standout performances, Ryan Weitman picks his top performers and waiver wire picks for the upcoming week five in fantasy football.


Patrick Mahomes (left) was one of fantasy football’s top performers in week four after throwing five touchdowns against the Eagles. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Ryan Weitman, Contributing Writer

Welcome to Ryan’s Fantasy Football analysis for week four! 

The Giants and the Jets finally broke their losing streaks this week, giving their fans hope for now (how long that will last, however, is an entirely different story). Let’s get into the top fantasy performances of the week:

Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill went off against the Eagles, with Mahomes throwing three out of his five passing touchdowns to Hill, who also came away with 11 receptions and 186 receiving yards. Anyone who thought that the Chiefs offense was down for the count was dead wrong, but their defense leaves much to be desired, giving up a whopping 125 points over the span of just four weeks. 

Cordarrelle Patterson (who unfortunately rode my bench this week) had the most surprising performance of the week. The supposed RB2 for the Falcons snagged 3 receiving touchdowns and 82 receiving yards against the Washington Football Team. While Mike Davis is clearly the preferred RB1 for the Falcons, Patterson is going to be a major receiving threat in the Falcons offense. If he is somehow still available on the waiver wire, he is a must-add for your team.

If you had anyone on Buffalo this week, they were pretty much guaranteed to easily break double digits (except Cole Beasley for some reason), obliterating the Texans 40-0. The tight end for the Bills, Dawson Knox, put away one of the best tight end performances of the week with two touchdowns, five receptions, and 37 receiving yards. Zack Moss, the RB2 for the Bills, has broken double digits three weeks in a row, making me question whether or not Devin Singletary is going to remain RB1 for long. 

Moving on to my favorite pastime during the week, riding the waiver wire! If you are looking for someone to replace a dud of a running back, wide receiver or tight end, this section is the place for you! My selections for this week are:

Zack Moss

As I said before, I really like the playtime this guy has been getting. He has either matched or beaten out Singletary in points the past three weeks in a row. While Singletary tends to get more snaps than Moss, I have a feeling that Moss is going to be the Bills option for running backs in the end zone. If you have a solid waiver pick, he is definitely worth the add. 

Dalton Schultz

In a season of less-than-stellar tight end performances overall, Dalton Schultz has come out of nowhere to put away two back-to-back double-digit weeks. If you are in desperate need of a solid and dependable tight end (much like myself), he is definitely worth a slot in your starting lineup if he is available.

Hunter Renfrow

Scraping near the bottom of the barrel here, Renfrow has managed to put up some decent numbers the past three weeks. Based on his performance Monday night, I think it is safe to say that he is definitely the preferred receiver over Henry Ruggs III. As long as his performance continues to be decent, I would consider adding him as a backup wide receiver or starting him in your flex slot. 

Week Five Look Ahead

Week five’s game of the week sees the Giants traveling to Dallas on Sunday to meet the surging Cowboys. Dak Prescott is at the helm and continues to burn defenses week after week, having already put up 10 touchdowns in the span of four weeks — except for week two when he put up eight points and lost the week for me. So, keep an eye out on his production this week. 

I’ll see you next week with a recap of week five fantasy headlines and highlights.