USG Talks Declining Balance, Sustainability Week and COVID-19 Testing


(Courtesy of Facebook)

On Oct. 14, 2021, Fordham University Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) discussed problems around Rose Hill’s campus.

Senator Santiago Vidal Calvo, FCRH ’24, told the senate that students were having trouble using their student IDs and Declining Balance (DCB) at the on-campus Starbucks. Students have to use cash to pay for items instead, said Vidal Calvo.

President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, responded by saying there was a Student Life Committee meeting to discuss these issues and someone from Fordham Public Safety will hold an informational session to address this issue.

The Senate held a special election to fill the final seat for the 2024 senate. Emily Kennedy, GSB ’24, has now joined the Rose Hill Senate. 

Kennedy’s goals include: creating better communication between senators and students, advocating for the wants and needs of students, encouraging them to take advantage of CPS and promoting inclusive involvement.

Vice President of Sustainability Liz Shim, FCRH ’24, proposed a budget request for Sustainability Week. Shim’s proposal includes seeds for a “plant a seed” event, a panelist, a sustainable products sale and an event where students could design and paint their own tote bags. All of these products and their prices are listed on Amazon. 

Sen. Vidal Calvo brought a proposal to the senate in hopes to improve the COVID-19 testing policy at the university. Vidal Calvo said he wants to have COVID-19 testing available from 9–5 p.m. for asymptomatic individuals rather than the current testing schedule which only provides testing for asymptomatic students on Thursdays. 

Vidal Calvo said he wants additional screening for all students, even vaccinated ones, in addition to random surveillance testing. According to the proposed plan, if a student were to leave campus during the week, they would be entered into a pool for randomized screening each week.

Many senators raised concerns about this proposal which was tabled and will be re-proposed at next week’s meeting. 

Senator Jacobs, FCRH ’23, reminded the Senate and the student body to sign the Land Endorsement and Acknowledgement. 

Family Weekend is happening from Oct. 22 through Oct. 24. Campus Activities Board (CAB) will have events throughout the weekend. Students can check the club’s Instagram for details.