Recapping MLB Postseason Action Leading Into the Championship Series

The MLB postseason has already provided a number of fireworks as the Red Sox and Braves’ surprise runs have carried into October with a lot more action left to go in the Championship Series.


The Dodgers celebrate yet another trip to the Championship Series. (Courtesy of Twitter)

​​The MLB postseason started off in Boston on Oct. 5 when the Red Sox and New York Yankees played for the AL Wild Card. The Sox beat the Yankees 6–2. Kyle Schwarber had the biggest hit of the night, a 435-foot homer in the bottom of the third inning. Schwarber’s monster of a dinger made the score 3–0 and forced Yanks’ supposed ace, Gerrit Cole, out with two runners on then. The rest of the night was mostly the Sox making big plays. Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton, who homered in the sixth and ninth respectively, gave the Yankees a chance, but it was far from enough. 

The second night of the Wild Card belonged to the NL as the St. Louis Cardinals visited the Los Angeles Dodgers. Unsurprisingly, the Dodgers took the win, 3–1, but the Cardinals still put up a fight. Chris Taylor secured the Dodgers dub with a walk-off 420-foot home-run. Taylor did not have the easiest regular season. Injuries made him miss 12 games, so this was huge for him. His teammates stood around home plate waiting to pour the Gatorade. 

The Divisional Series started on Oct. 7. Both games were for the AL: the Chicago White Sox at the Houston Astros and Red Sox at the Tampa Bay Rays. This first day was uneventful. The Astros and Tampa won 6–1 and 5–0, respectively. Top-seeds did what they do best: win. 

The NL started on the eighth and the AL continued from there. The only surprise factor was the Red Sox, who blew past the Rays 14–6. It was the NL’s time to shine on the ninth. The Braves at Brewers game ended 3–0 in Atlanta’s favor, tying the series 1–1. The Dodgers at Giants game finished at 9–2 Dodgers, creating the same series draw. 

The tenth called for extra innings in Boston. The Sox beat Tampa in 13 innings, meaning they now led the series 2–1. The White Sox finally won a game, trimming the series to 2–1 Astros. The Braves jumped ahead in the series on the eleventh, leading the Brewers 2–1. The Giants also broke the series tie against the Dodgers, now taking a 2–1 advantage. The Red Sox won again, ending Tampa Bay’s season. Even though the Red Sox were done with the DS, the other six teams still had work ahead. The twelfth revealed two more teams moving forward: the Astros and the Braves. The Dodgers won game four, tying the series 2–2. The final game of the divisional series took place in San Francisco on the fourteenth. The Dodgers won and the Giants season ended in the most devastating way possible: a bad check swing call.

The Championship Series started this past Friday, the fifteenth. The Red Sox faced the Astros in Houston and the Astros pulled out a win, 5–4. Saturday was the NLCS’ first game, Dodgers at Braves. A mostly back-to-back game ended up in the Braves’ favor, winning 3–2. The Sox tied the series up with the Astros at one after a 9–5 victory.

It has become even harder to make predictions for the remainder of the postseason after all the twists the past week and a half have had.