Who’s That Dylan?

Who’s That Dylan?

If you find any use of the passive voice in this article, you can thank Ginny Belt for humoring me.

When I got to Fordham way back in August 2018, I knew about The Fordham Ram, and I knew that I would find myself a part of it. For people like me that came to this school to dive into the world of sports media, the Ram is as much a part of Fordham’s legacy as WFUV. What I didn’t expect was that this publication would be the part of my time here that would be the most important and dear to me.

But when I think back to the start of my freshman year, I remember just how absolutely lost I felt. Like every 18-year-old, I was clueless as to what direction life would lead me, but I also had no idea just how I fit into the world. I’m a rather odd fellow: a goofy, band kid-type with no particular skill at anything other than being Dylan. How on earth could I possibly use that to make some kind of contribution to the world around me?

One of the ways I would fill my time that first semester was to write men’s tennis articles for the Ram’s sports section during volume 100. I was lucky that my old friend Jimmy Sullivan was Assistant Sports Editor and I had someone looking out for me. I would write those tennis articles, some of them painfully short, and send them into what felt like the void.

During Thanksgiving break, I received an email out of the blue from then-sports editor Jack McLoone, encouraging me to apply for assistant sports editor for volume 101. I barely had any idea what that even meant at the time, but I needed his push to take that leap and apply. I still don’t know what Jack saw in me and my articles, but I could not be more grateful to him for giving me his support.

By January 2019, there I was on staff as assistant sports editor, along with Jimmy, who had moved up to sports editor and my fellow assistant and new friend, Andrew Posadas. The three of us were quite the trio, hanging out together and singing Midnight Train to Georgia every week — I sang lead, of course. I was in way over my head, but I was in great company. 

It was during Volume 101 that I felt more myself than I had in years. The entire staff of that volume accepted me as my weird self, and I could not be more grateful. To Aislinn, Hannah, Lindsay, Erica, Collette, Briana and all of 101 staff (yes, even Maggie), thank you for helping me find me.

Come volume 102 the next year, Jimmy and I stayed put while Andrew moved up to managing editor, which made way for the next guy to step into our sports family: the great Alex Wolz. This was of course the volume most affected by COVID-19, and the four of us sports guys stayed close, starting the section 102 podcast and keeping the discussion going even as the sports world stayed at a halt.

I’m immensely proud of the work that the Sports section has done during my time here. We really used our empty canvas to discuss what sports can teach us about our world and the work that we all need to do together as a human race, all while reporting the scores. This does seem to be the end of an era for us, as the next Sports section will be all new faces, but I cannot wait to see what the new crew does with it.

Regardless of the pandemic, the folks of volume 102 are incredible people and friends. Helen, Sarah, Kristen, Kieran, Kelly, Emma and the gang, thank you for moving this paper along in odd times.

Come time to apply for volume 103, I was at a crossroads: the logical move would be to take Jimmy’s spot as sports editor, but I had Wolz right behind me, and I knew he would be much better at the job than I would be (I was right, by the way). So I took the same leap that Andrew did and applied to be managing editor of the paper. And here I am.

We returned to B-48 and B-52 this year, and in-person production has been a blast. This staff is not only great at what they do, but they also make me laugh really hard. Abbey, Sebastian, Hanif, Hasna, Michael, Kaley, Ava, Emma and this whole group are just so fun to be around, especially doing what I think is really important work (if your name is not here, please don’t take it personally, I’m running out of words).

I must give props to all the legends who have sat at the copy table these last three years and put up with my madness both on paper and in-person. Megan, who’s always up for a good conversation, Ginny, who is aggressive but always loving, Kat, who always has something interesting to say, and all of their little helpers; I wasted so many hours trying to make them laugh. Also, Collette, I know you’re not technically on copy, but you deserve your own shoutout.

To the rest of our incredible e-board this year. Aiden, who has made Rachel and I’s job a lot easier by handling business matters, Hunter, who is just a gem that I wish I was closer with, Katie, who is as fun and creative as anyone, Erica, who I consider a co-captain of silliness, and of course, Vanessa, who I’m so glad stayed on for another volume.

This year has been a whirlwind. We were able to bring our paper back to in-person production and even survive obstacles outside of that. This is due entirely to our editor in chief, Rachel Gow. Rachel, I am amazed every week at the way you get this thing on its feet, and I don’t know where we would be without your leadership. I’m just here to get page numbers. Thank you for bringing me along on this adventure.

And of course, my sports guys. Jimmy, at this point we’re lifelong friends, and I hope you know how much you mean to me. Everything I’ve done at Fordham has been my best Jimmy impression. Andrew, you are such a positive light and an inspiration to me. I would never have applied for managing editor if I hadn’t seen you do it first. Alex, you have brought sports coverage here at Fordham to amazing new heights, and you’ve done it while being one of the best people I know. You have no idea how proud I am of you.

Through all of these hours spent, laughs shared and papers printed, I’ve learned that, in the process of finding yourself and how you fit in the world, you’ll likely find life’s greatest gift: friends.

I guess what I’m really saying is check your email.

Goodbye, everybody, goodbye!