USG Discusses Post-Thanksgiving Campus Life


(Courtesy of Facebook)

On Thursday, Nov. 18, Fordham University Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) held its weekly meeting to discuss rumors going around campus. 

Many students have reached out to their senators with concerns about the campus shutting down after Thanksgiving break. 

It is unclear where this rumor began but students were worried they would need to pack and plan for an extended winter break, similar to last fall. 

President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, stated that he has not heard from any administration, professor or dean that the school plans to create an extended winter break.

Provost Dennis C. Jacobs told the Rose Hill Dean’s Council in their weekly meeting that the school has no plans to move the rest of the semester online. 

Fordham University will be implementing mandatory testing upon returning to campus after Thanksgiving break. All students will be required to get a COVID-19 test before Dec. 10. These tests will be free on campus but can be taken off campus and uploaded through the student portal. 

There is a petition circulating the student body to have classes available for pass/fail this semester. The Senate agreed that it would be hard to implement this late in the semester. 

Many students are concerned about a regular grading system in the first semester completely in person since the fall of 2019. 

The Senate wants to remind students that all students have the ability to make one elective class pass/fail. 

If students have concerns about missing classes due to mental health, Vice President of Operations Audrey Felton, FCRH ’22, says that Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) can retroactively excuse students from class. 

A mental health excused absence works the same way as those for a physical illness. Students must show proof of illness by CPS and complete an excused absence request form. 

Since it was the last meeting of November, USG voted for their monthly awards, Club of the Month and Senator of the Month.

Club of the Month was awarded to Our Story for its excellent event planning and programming this month.

Senator of the Month was awarded to Senator Thomas DePaola, GSB ’22, for his outstanding work in initiatives. Depaola is head of the Take a Book, Leave a Book initiative to bring outdoor libraries to campus.