Finding Lessons of Love in “Euphoria”


The new season of HBO’s “Euphoria” is filled with love triangles and affairs tackling tough subjects like addiction and toxic relationships (courtesy of Twitter).

Jacqueline Delia , Contributing Writer

After waiting three years for the return of HBO Max’s original series “Euphoria,” viewers were left in awe after the premiere of the first two episodes. Not only were fans already theorizing who was going to end up with who, but they also questioned Rue as a narrator and whether or not the narration foreshadows her future with addiction. 

The season starts with the presentation of multiple love triangles, the obvious one being between Cassie, Nate and Maddy. So far, this season centers around addiction and Cassie’s battle with being alone. Cassie is known as the girl who is never single and craves constant male validation. After ending things with McKay, her attention is suddenly turned to Nate — and they find themselves tangled in a secret love affair. 

However, this is not the only complicated triangle. Fans have predicted more drama with the arrival of Elliot, a new student whom Rue has taken an interest in ever since she relapsed. Although the long awaited ship of Jules and Rue finally falls into place , we can see that Elliot has already ruffled Jules’ feathers by causing Rue to keep secrets from her. Whether or not Elliot and Rue become romantically involved, it is evident that his influence will strain Rue and Jules’ relationship.

Finally, the other love affairs we see are Rue and Kat’s struggles with addiction. Rue, as we know, struggles to stay sober, and usually depends on Jules for her overall happiness. Her unhealthy relationship with drugs has caused her to end up trapped in a cycle of love, drugs and Jules. Although Jules will always love Rue, she has made it clear she cannot be friends with  an addict, and tells Rue that she needs to set her priorities. However, Rue will always find herself tempted with drugs, possessing a love for them that she can’t break. 

Rue is not the only character caught up in obsession. Kat has entered a new relationship with Ethan, her lab partner who she never saw herself giving a chance. In the second episode of season two, Kat battles with whether or not she loves him. A choreographed scene meant to highlight Kat’s insecurities reveals how her own struggles with self acceptance keep her from truly loving Ethan. This scene displays the importance of having a healthy relationship with yourself in order to have a loving and meaningful connection with a significant other. 

Ultimately, there are still many unknown destinies and open-ended theories. With six more episodes to go, I am very excited to see how the rest of the new season pans out. I am looking forward to the new characters, new dynamics and even new obstacles that arise out of the season. Hopefully, each character will find the strength to pull themselves out of the vicious cycles of addiction and toxic relationships.