USG Hosts First Meeting of Spring 2022 Semester


(Courtesy of Facebook)

This Thursday, Jan. 27, Fordham University Rose Hill’s United Student Government (USG) held its first meeting of the spring semester. 

Senator Ella Briggs, FCRH ’25, informed the senate that many students have complained about a lack of heat in their dorm rooms. 

President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, suggested that students reach out to Residence Hall Association (RHA)  about this issue. Senator Santiago Vidal, FCRH ’24, also suggested placing work orders for this problem. Further measures can be taken if these options do not resolve the issue. 

Student Jamie Surruto, FCRH ’24 told the senate that there has not been a clear line of communication with students regarding the new McGinley Center. 

Reuter stated that Fordham has not received all of the proper permits to open the whole building. Students can enter through the first floor, but the entire building is not yet open to the public. 

These updates have not been communicated to the student body because it is unclear when the full McGinley Center will be open to the public. 

USG held special elections for all of its open positions this semester. The Class of 2022 welcomed Benjamin Medeiros, FCRH ’22, to the senate. 

The Class of 2023 welcomed five new senators: Katherine Doss, GSB ’23, Sean Krumenacker, GSB ’23, Keegan Roeder, FCRH ’23, Frank Velez, FCRH ’23, and Andrew Falduto, FCRH ’23. 

The Class of 2024 welcomed a new Gabelli School of Business Senator, Dylan Mullin, GSB ’24. 

The Rose Hill campus welcomed a new club this week. The photography club will now be recognized as an official club. The photography club aims to create a space for people of all skill levels to learn photography and collaborate with other photographers in the Fordham community.