Outer Banks is Quality Content


“Outer Banks” is a Netflix original series that quickly gained popularity after the first season aired in summer 2020 (Courtesy of Twitter).

All it takes to get into a Netflix original is the simple *click* of your remote to play. “Outer Banks” was that show for me. One of the best things about discovery is that you find a passion within you that you never realized was there. It adds a new tool to the tool box of things you learn or enjoy.

“Outer Banks” is about a group of delinquent teens in North Carolina who are insubordinate to all authority. John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey),  Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) make up this daring and relatable crew that deal with issues in their teenage lives, some more complicated than others. Not having a consistent adult figure in your life, bouncing around for a place to stay and running from people that want to kill you do not make for ideal circumstances —  but it’s the problems the characters face that makes the viewer care about them.

Relatability is one of the key elements in character development and generating a successful storyline. Each of the main characters has their own unique aspect that the average viewer can relate to in some capacity. Taking normal issues that teenagers deal with and adding some more spice is what captivates the audience and makes them hungry for more.

The show starts off by introducing the characters and  director Jonas Pate slowly builds up the action by including a treasure hunt where the group has to go above and beyond — stealing, lying and scamming — to get where they need to go. The treasure hunt becomes, rather quickly, the focal point of the show. Yes, there are still elements of the trials and tribulations that come with any coming of age series,  but the main focus always remains finding the treasure.

The show also introduces the  concept of unlikely relationships. Seeing kids from all walks of life — a diverse group from both rich and poor families — embodies the entire show. The characters endure situations that might seem sticky, but everything works out because everyone works towards the common good.

Let’s start by looking at two of the most important people in this show; John B and Sarah Cameron. John B hails from the poor side of the town, belonging to a group known as the “pogues.” With no adult figures in his life,  and avoiding  foster care, he  has his three loyal friends to fall back on and serve as his de facto support system. Sarah Cameron serves as the attractive, witty “kook” who lives on the rich side of town and has the power of daddy’s money. This unlikely pair is brought together by  their common goal in finding  the treasure, and they eventually fall in love. One thing to note is that the “pogues” and “kooks” usually do not get along; however,  a “pogue” and a “kook” not only fall in love, but John B’s friends accept Sarah as one of their own. 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this show is expecting the unexpected to happen. After mentioning unexpected relationships, events, or even just moments where you think the characters are dead and they come back with resilience. Part of that, one could say, is the way the show makes it easy to care about the characters. The writers are smart enough to make the characters have problems that the viewer can relate to, which is why they are such an easy group to enjoy.

“Outer Banks” is a well written, beachy, clever and exciting show that may start slow but builds up into eye-catching content. After watching the first few episodes, my eyes were glued to the screen and craving more. The show satisfied my appetite by delivering the unexpected every time. “Outer Banks” is a show that I highly recommend if you need something that leaves you excited for what is to come via teasers and cliff hangers.