New Student-Led Delivery Service


New student-led delivery service starts. (Courtesy of Raccoon Delivery)

On Feb. 5, a food delivery service created exclusively for Fordham students was launched by CEO Mark Nicolosi, GSB ’24, CMO Olivia Walker, GSB ’24 and COO Alejandro Celi, GSB ’24. 

The three sophomores went down many different paths when they first began brainstorming for their company in the fall of 2021. Throughout this process, their primary goal remained constant: they wanted to find a way to give back to the Bronx community that surrounds Fordham campus and donate their proceeds to local charities.

All of the founders take on different roles in the company. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nicolosi focuses on managerial operations. He coded algorithms to create their website and is currently working on expanding the business. In the position as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Walker is in charge of all social media and advertising for the company as well as running the interview process for new hires. As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Celi is involved operationally, managing runners and delivery preparation, pitching the company to the Fordham Foundry and lending a helping hand to Nicolosi when needed. The company was also created with the help of sophomore Phillip Jaskiewicz, a former Gabelli student who has since transferred to Cornell University. 

One reason why Raccoon Delivery is different from its competitors DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats is the selection of restaurants it offers. Raccoon’s competitors can only deliver from places that have online delivery systems, such as chain restaurants. Valerie Glass, FCRH ’24, felt this didn’t meet Fordham student’s needs and that she had “been hoping to see places like Pugsley’s and Best Deli on apps like Doordash.” ​​Raccoon addresses those desires, as they currently have a store selection that includes Best Deli and Grill, Pugsley’s Pizza, Ram’s Deli, Full Moon Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, Chipotle and Starbucks. The company hopes to expand to more stores in their delivery options. 

Another way to differentiate Raccoon Delivery from other delivery services is that it’s operated by and for Fordham students. This means that runners are able to deliver orders directly to students’ dorms, as opposed to a DoorDash driver waiting at a gate and requiring students to walk across campus just to pick up their order. Additionally, it provides employment opportunities for students looking for a quick way to make money and gain valuable experience. 

To place an order, one can visit their website at  and follow the instructions to select a restaurant and place an order. Shortly after, a text will be sent outlining the price breakdown and how to pay. A runner will then send messages with delivery status updates until the order is completed. 

When asked where he sees the company by the time he graduates, Nicolosi said that he hopes to hand it off to another group of innovative students to keep its presence around campus even after he, Walker and Celi are gone. He explained how the three of them hope for students to love Raccoon Delivery so much that they don’t want it to be gone once they all graduate. Walker added that they hope to expand to other schools in the future, as well as other areas of New York City. Celi shared that they also aspire to create a sustainable business model and bring value to all stakeholders. Adding onto this point, Nicolosi stressed how they are determined to fulfill their biggest goal: using their profits to give back to the Bronx. They plan to donate to local charities, Concourse Homeless Shelter, Jerome Avenue Men’s Shelter and Martha’s House. They dream of leaving the area off-campus better than it was when they first arrived at Fordham, and are committed to showing their appreciation for the Bronx by donating to local charities.