Junior Rediscovers her Passion for Music


Brown is combining her passion for music with her aptitude for business. (Courtesy of Lily Brown)

Elisabeth Murray, Culture Editor

“I’m a completely different person now from who I was when I first came to college,” Lily Brown, GSB ’23, told me when I asked her about her time at Fordham. 

Hailing from a small town in Bergen County, New Jersey, less than an hour away from the Bronx, Brown recollects choosing Fordham because she “thought going to college close to home would be kind of like a safety net.” As she was talking to me from her flat in London, which she shares with girls she met only months ago she had a realization, “I think I can definitely say I don’t need that safety net anymore.” 

When I first met Brown in 2019 we were both freshmen — confused, intimidated and a little awkward — trying to figure out how to navigate college. In high school, Brown ran track, worked as a lifeguard and starred in multiple theater productions. She has always been known for her remarkable singing voice and her unshakable confidence that radiates through her stage presence, but finding her footing at Fordham did not come naturally at first. She was undecided in her major and she often spent her time with me tucked away in her dorm room in Faber Hall. 

Now a junior, Brown is majoring in business administration with concentrations in management, communications and media management and is also a member of the Satin Dolls, Fordham’s all-female a cappella group. 

“I know that I am an outgoing person, but I do struggle with putting myself out there because I get scared sometimes,” Brown echoes a sentiment that surely resonates with all of us to some degree. But her friends and fellow Satin Dolls members are thrilled that she decided to share her talent and continue her passion for singing in college. “A cappella has been one of the best parts of my college experience. I know it took me until junior year to try out, but I am super glad that I did.” 

Brown has been passionate about singing her entire life and will perform anywhere — whether it be in the shower, on stage and she will even shamelessly belt out a tune in a bar (if the right song comes on). “Singing brightens up my mood. Even if a song is sad, singing it is a way to bring emotions forward, acknowledge them and get them out. It’s cathartic and therapeutic for me,” she said. Brown loves being a part of the Satin Dolls because it enables her to share that passion with others. “I love being surrounded by people that share my same passion. It’s amazing to have a group of girls that want to do this as much as I do.” 

Though Brown may have joined the Satin Dolls rather late in the game, she fit in and excelled right away. In December, Brown performed the solo in “Bad Romance,” the opening number in the Satin Dolls’ winter showcase. Brown had previous experience in musical theater, but prefers the environment of an a cappella group because this particular talent is more appreciated. 

Music is something that will continue to be a part of Brown’s life after college. “I don’t know what my ‘dream career’ is exactly, I just know I really want to work in the music industry.” In the past, Brown has interned with Intrepid Music Group, and while studying abroad in London, she is currently working as a marketing intern for a creative agency called Iconic Steps. Though she has the talent to be a pop star, as a business student, she is more interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of the industry, such as marketing and public relations. Regardless, Brown’s passion, talent and work ethic will make her successful in any path she pursues. 

The 21-year-old woman I interviewed was completely different from the 18-year-old girl I met freshman year. Though she is still close to her family, Brown has found a new home in the Big Apple — the perfect place to pursue her passions and follow her dreams. “College has definitely forced me to grow and be independent,” she said. She is excited to continue growing and discovering herself. “I learned that I can throw myself into something and it will always work out.”