USG Discusses Change in Mask Mandate


(Courtesy of Facebook)

Fordham University Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) met this Thursday, March 3 to discuss the scaffolding outside the new student center. 

Fordham sophomore Junior Jamie Serruto, FCRH ’24, brought to the attention of the senate that the scaffolding outside the new McGinley Center could be a threat to student safety.

President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, stated that the scaffolding appears to be nailed to the barriers and is therefore unable to move, but noted he will reach out to those involved to see what can be done. 

Senator Santiago Vidal Calvo, FCRH ’24, also added that Public Safety vehicles have been driving too fast around campus also posing a threat to students safety. A student has, in fact, been injured by a Public Safety vehicle. 

Vidal said that the student will be okay, but was hit and has suffered from a broken leg. Tom Balestracci, USG advisor, stated that he will look into this incident. 

New York City has changed its mask mandate. Fordham has followed suit, now making masks optional for students and faculty.

President Reuter stated that the general consensus among students is that they’re ready for a change in the policy. However, faculty remains wary of the changes. The re-entry tests following spring break will be an important metric for the decision to officially lift the mandate. 

USG elected their club of the month for February. USG has awarded The Black Student Alliance (ASILI) with this honor. 

A new club was proposed to the Senate this week. The Fashion Law and Business Club will be coming to Fordham’s campus. 

The goal of this club is to educate students on how fashion and business relate the law. This would be the first club on Fordham’s campus to focus on a specific study of law and would be one of the only schools in the country that offer a club with fashion law.

USG elections are coming up. There is an information session about running for USG on March 11. Signature packets will begin on March 21 and are due on March 31. Campaigning begins on April 1. Email [email protected] with any questions.