Fordham Graduate Chase Edmonds Signs With Dolphins


Chase Edmonds is now a Miami Dolphin after four seasons with Arizona. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Brett Tulip, Contributing Writer

Running back and 2017 Fordham graduate, Chase Edmonds, who has thrived as a member of the Arizona Cardinals, finally had his hard work recognized financially as he signed a two-year, $12.6 million contract with the Miami Dolphins, with $6.1 million fully guaranteed. The do-it-all running back’s production has increased every year and he has shown flashes of excellent play when on the field. Although he missed five games this past season due to injuries, he still amassed 592 rushing yards, 311 receiving yards and two touchdowns. With the Cardinals signing their other running back James Conner to an extension, Fordham’s all-time leading rusher departs Arizona and looks to expand his role with his new team. Over four years with Fordham, Edmonds rushed for 5,862 yards and scored 67 touchdowns in just 44 games played.

 On the surface, Edmonds’ contract might look like a minor acquisition among other key free agents this off-season, but his significance for Fordham alumni in the NFL cannot be understated. Edmonds is one of two Fordham football players to be drafted in the NFL in the last 50 years, (the other being quarterback John Skelton in 2010) and the highest-drafted Fordham football player since fullback Steve Filipowicz in 1943. Being the most successful player Fordham University has had in pro football in a large number of years, the contract validates his standing as one of the best in the league. As of 2022, he will be the 13th highest-paid RB in the entire league by average salary. In a league with 32 teams with multiple running backs being featured per team, this is a great success to be in the top half.

A couple of days before he signed with his new team, Edmonds posted on Twitter, “Kid from Fordham made it through his whole rookie contract. Thank you God! To Higher Ascensions.” This truly is a great moment for Edmonds, his family and all Fordham football fans. Edmonds’ contract is a big win for the Fordham Football brand and could be one of the first in recent years to help make the program more well known. Congratulations to him and hopefully this signing allows him to pave the way for more success in the NFL for future Fordham alumni.