USG Discusses Potential Contraceptive Clinic


(Courtesy of Facebook)

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, Fordham University Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) held their weekly meeting to discuss two new proposals. 

The first proposal is a contraceptive report proposal. As it currently stands, Fordham students and faculty cannot currently use on-campus health services to obtain contraceptives, regardless of their medical history. 

This proposal suggests that student groups can continue the PrescribeFordham clinic on a semesterly basis, as well as amend the health services website and the student handbook to include specific information about medical exemptions for providing birth control.

Additionally, this proposal suggests that Fordham add a contraceptive or safe sex frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to the Health Services and CARE website. This would include information about off-campus providers of birth control and contraception, safe sexual practices, STI screenings and university policy. 

Senator Zachary Jones, FCRH ’25, stated that they wanted to begin focusing on the larger health concerns that are impacted by the contraceptive policy. This proposal has been passed pending club statements. 

The second proposal proposed midterm transparency. This proposal asks that there be an update to the Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) undergraduate faculty handbook to ensure that all professors notify their students of their current class grades before the pass/fail and withdrawal deadlines have passed. 

The senators also asked that for this semester, since that deadline is coming up, students be notified as soon as possible. This proposal has been approved by the senate. 

Two clubs also presented at this week’s meeting to become official clubs on Rose Hill’s campus. The first club to present was Fostering Futures. 

The goal of this club is to give back through volunteering, fundraising and promoting effective policy changes. The club has already begun partners with Together We Rise and hopes to partner with other organizations in the future. This club was approved.

The second club is the Society of Physics Students. This club would  establish a Fordham chapter of the national organization that is dedicated to shape those interested in physics into successful members of the professional community. 

There is no current support or interest group for physics students on Fordham’s campus. This club has passed.