USG Discusses Last Year’s Election Code Violations


USG approves the Fordham Backstage club. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Fordham University Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) held their final standard meeting for the 2021-2022 academic year on April 7.

Jamie Serruto, FCRH ’24, raised concern about how the election commission handled the Election Code violations  during last year’s election. He shared that he was extremely frustrated with the senate and how the inappropriate messages were not properly addressed.

Serruto requested that a member of USG begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President of Communication Maya Bentovim, GSB ’23, and Vice President of Rose Hill Dean’s Council Jonathan Eng, FCRH ’23. 

Executive President Thomas Reuter, FCRH ’22, responded and stated that this would not be possible as the impeachment process takes two to three weeks and this week’s meeting would be the senate’s last. 

He added that he had connected with Serruto to discuss the concern and directed all other election related questions and concerns to [email protected].

A new club is seeking club status on Rose Hill’s campus, St. Rose’s Garden. The club would like to be formally established to educate the Fordham community about urban gardening, ecology, sustainability and general environmental topics. 

St. Rose’s Garden is the only student garden at Rose Hill and has a significant amount of infrastructure and resources already built up. This club was approved. 

The senate presented a native plants proposal that will remove invasive species from Rose Hill’s campus. This removal is incredibly important for the campus and creates opportunities for more native vegetation to be planted. 

Native plants will create ecological and mental health benefits as well as help Fordham University to do its part to prevent climate change. This proposal was approved.