The Best Booth in Baseball


Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling combine to create one of the best broadcast teams in all of baseball. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Ryan Olson, Contributing Writer

Regardless of what team you root for, you should tune into the SNY booth to share a laugh and learn something you didn’t know about the ever-changing game of baseball. 

Following an active offseason, there is palpable excitement brewing in Queens for the New York Mets and their fans. The much-anticipated return of two-time Cy Young winner Jacob DeGrom and the arrival of Max Scherzer give the Mets the best one-two punch in all of baseball. Hopefully, this translates to a playoff berth and a pennant run for a team that has not won a World Series since 1986. Two members of the ’86 championship club are continuing to use their baseball experience and love for the Mets to interact with fans on a nightly basis. For the past 17 years, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling have worked in the Mets TV booth alongside play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen.

Cohen, Hernandez and Darling have given Mets fans a reason to tune in even as the ball club has habitually found itself in the basement of the NL East. The trio provides sheer entertainment and a wealth of baseball knowledge that makes listening to them worth it no matter the score.

A lifelong Mets fan, Cohen is the glue that holds the booth together. You probably know him for his iconic catchphrase, “it’s outta here” whenever a player hits a home run. The Queens native grew up just a few short miles from Shea Stadium. He fell in love with the family-oriented atmosphere associated with the Mets and their fans rather than the historic grandeur of their crosstown rivals. 

Cohen knows everything there is to know about the Mets and their history. When reminiscing about the past during a broadcast, you can always count on Cohen to recall an obscure fact that would be a head-scratcher to most. His extensive knowledge of the Mets is unmatchable. 

The dynamics of their booth are what make it as good as it is. Alongside Cohen, Hernandez and Darling bring insightful analysis to the broadcast, stemming from their playing days on the diamond. An eleven-time Gold Glove winner, Hernandez is best known for his slick glove at first base. In fact, Hernandez’s defensive pedigree has given rise to his nickname, Mr. Fundies. What makes Hernandez great is his “tell it like it is” mentality. He gives credit where credit is due, but he doesn’t hesitate to call a player out when he makes a mistake. 

Mets fans of young and old have fallen in love with Hernandez as both a player and a broadcaster. His sense of humor brings the broadcast to life. Additionally, Cohen and Darling like to rank on Hernandez, whether it be about his beloved cat or extravagant fur coat.

As for Darling, he spent nine years in Queens as a player. During that span, he won 99 games and appeared in one All-Star game. His time on the hill enables him to draw on things that only a pitcher would know: mechanics and routine. Darling’s career as an analyst has been extremely successful, as he also appears on MLB Network and TBS. 

Cohen, Hernandez and Darling bring a little bit of everything to the table each night. Over the years, they have made a name for themselves in the broadcasting world. In fact, a 2020 survey conducted by readers of The Athletic ranked the SNY booth as the best in baseball. This doesn’t come as a surprise to those who tune in nightly. Mets fans feel as though the broadcasting booth is a part of the team. Each member of the booth will be honored with a bobblehead night later on in the season.