Graduating Seniors Roberto Leito, Jilli Jones, Norah Burns and Gil Roberts Share Advice

Roberto Leito is a political science and history double major from East Fishkill, New York. Leito is currently the senior resident assistant of Walsh Hall. He is also a member of the Student Advisory Council of the Senior Vice President of Student Affairs, the Fordham University Board of Trustees, Phi Beta Kappa (National Liberal Arts Honor Society), Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit Honor Society), Phi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honor Society) and Rho Alpha Sigma (National Resident Assistant Honor Society). After graduation, Leito will attend Fordham University School of Law while continuing to work in Residential Life as the graduate assistant for student conduct.

“My advice to Fordham students: Never be afraid to follow your ambitions and your passions with all your heart, even if those change during your time at Fordham. There is nothing like pursuing a goal for yourself and seeing it through to completion. If you heed this advice and graduate, you should have no regrets about having made the most of your experience. Your time in college — and at Fordham in particular — is so precious. Always be on the lookout for opportunities and make connections with as many people as you can. I promise you that much more than a handful of them will last well beyond graduation, whether they are personal or professional relationships. And if you have any doubts about succeeding and you haven’t heard this already, let me be the first to tell you: you can do this!”

Jilli Jones is a communications and culture major from Wisconsin. She has been on the track team throughout her entire time at Fordham. In addition to being a student-athlete, Jones has been a resident assistant in Campbell/Salice Connelly for the past two years. Jones will continue to run track post-grad as she pursues a master’s degree in Gabelli’s Media Management program.

“My advice for Fordham students is this: REMAIN CALM. When things get stressful, uncertain, and hectic, remind yourself that you can do hard things!!!! There is a plan. Everything will work out in the way it’s supposed to.

Norah Burns is a math and computer science double major with a minor in political science from Frederick, Maryland. Burns has been a part of Navy ROTC for all four years at Fordham and was recently the Operations Department Head of the entire New York City Battalion. Burns has also been a part of Navy ROTC, campus ministry, the cheerleading team, the math honors society and managed the club hockey team. After graduation, Burns will be an Ensign to the Navy and a student Naval Aviator while attending flight school in Pensacola, Florida.

“The biggest piece of advice I have for Fordham students is to get involved as soon as possible in whatever they’re interested in while maintaining good time management. I wouldn’t have the friends I do today without the various organizations I am a part of, but managing my social life, academics, extracurriculars, and physical and mental health was difficult. With the help I got from reaching out to professors, advisors, coaches, and friends I was able to make it work and still have fun. What I have seen from Fordham is a very strong work hard, play hard mentality that makes the busy weeks worth it.”

Gil Roberts is a computer science major from Manasquan, New Jersey. After graduation, Roberts is looking forward to staying in New York City while she will be working for Girls who Code as a lead TA while working to become a software engineer. In her time at Fordham, Roberts has been very involved with theater as a member of the Mimes and Mummers, Theatrical Outreach Program, and Fordham Experimental Theater. She has also worked on MODE magazine, Fordham’s fashion publication.

“My best advice is to do orientation because it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Fordham and I met so many amazing people because of it. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do and the memories you make are irreplaceable. My other advice is to support the arts! Go see as many shows as you can because we have so many amazing talented people.”