A Letter Congratulating Graduating Ram Staff

Dear graduating Fordham Ram staff,

Apologies for such a long message; a goodbye like this needs one. 

The final issue of the 2020-21 (Volume 103) paper was distributed last December. The final production night of the first semester of Volume 104 took place during the last week of April. Both were bittersweet moments for the Ram: the former because it was the final issue created with a crew that consisted mostly of seniors, the latter because it was the final time that crew was able to gather in our beloved B-52 office. Though the in-person component of the previous volume’s production was basically cut in half, it in many ways feels as if the excitement of an entire year of Volume 103 was packed into the Fall 2021 semester. Double the fun, of course, but twice the stress. 

Now that Volume 104 has completed its first semester, those of us staff who remain have fully understood The Fordham Ram is not easy to produce. Both myself and our current editor-in-chief Ava Erickson were newcomers to the Volume 103 staff, but we quickly learned that the amount of time, commitment, sweat, and tears that goes into the creation of this paper is no joke. Each issue is the result of steadfast teamwork, communication, support, and love. 

The past few years have been especially challenging, and we want to thank all of our graduating staff for your constant dedication. Together we were able to revive the Ram and breathe new life into a 100+ year old publication, all while battling the pandemic (and floods). 

Throughout, you all have continued the Ram’s mission to serve the Fordham community –– and you have done it with elegance, diligence, and wit. 

The vast majority of the Volume 103 staff is leaving Fordham this year. That sentence alone, in the wake of everything we’ve been through, carries an incredible weight.

The majority of those leaving have carried the Ram on their shoulders through thick and thin. National elections, hurricanes…there is something to be said for weathering such crazy experiences together –– and by now both Ava and I have seen enough this semester to accurately voice it. 

Thank you to our cherished graduating staff: to Sara, for your swift editing and for your humility –– thank you for running the Culture section with us and encouraging us to take on larger roles for the Ram; to Collette, for keeping the Ram’s site running with Katie, and for always making time for production night with your soccer schedule; to Mackenzie, for your valuable work with the Photo section; to Abbey, for managing one of the most important aspects of our newspaper –– that is, the News section itself –– all during your first year; to Kaley, for your professionalism, and for adding your insight to the Ram’s Sports section; to Katie, for your digital creativity, and social media resourcefulness; to Megan, for your earnestness and your AP style expertise; to Kat, for providing as much acuity and motivation to our readers as any staff member; to Ginny, for your thoughtful water bottle runs and incisive wit; to Hunter, for your dry humor and skill in keeping our paper’s online presence sleek; to Vanessa, for your lasting commitment to the Ram’s iconic copy table, and for your help, advice and storytelling on production night; to Hasna, for your wonderfully eccentric jokes and your commitment to my and Ava’s late night final reviews; to Erica, for your hot takes, and for being the brilliant voice of our staff; to Dylan, for your impressions, your charisma, and most of all, your genuine care and respect for each member of the team; finally, to Rachel, for your calm and dedicated leadership –– to echo what everyone on the staff has either said, written, or thought, you truly have saved this paper.

As difficult as it is to say goodbye to our graduating staff members, we are incredibly excited to continue the Ram’s legacy of efficient communication, strong writing, and journalistic integrity. 

Thank you all for your resilience, determination and kindness.


Hanif Amanullah, Volume 104 Managing Editor