A Guide to Intramural Sports at Fordham


Several members of the Ram staff created an intramural volleyball team last year. (Courtesy of Amanda Yarolin/The Fordham Ram)

Intramural sports at Fordham are a great way to get involved in the campus community. They are organized, low-commitment athletic activities that allow students to participate in sporting competition regardless of their ability. 

Intramurals are sports organized and competed only within the student body, meaning they provide students with an opportunity to play their favorite sports without anywhere near the same commitment as a club sport or a varsity sport, which often requires travel and extensive practices. 

Fordham offers a total of five different intramural sports: Flag football, outdoor soccer, kickball, basketball and volleyball. At this time, registration is open for every sport. Registration for flag football and outdoor soccer closes on Sept. 19, while registration for kickball closes on Sept. 26. Later in the fall, registration for basketball and volleyball wraps up on Oct. 11. There is no limit on how many sports you can participate in.

Registration for Fordham intramurals is done through the website IMLeagues. Use your Fordham email to create an account. Once you register, you can join your desired sport in a few different ways. If you already have a group of friends that you want to make a team with, you can create your own team and use the “invite members” link on your team’s home page to invite them. If you don’t have a team but still want to play, don’t worry. You can list yourself as a free agent, making yourself available to team captains who are looking to pick up players. 

Intramural sports can be as serious as you want them to be. For all sports except kickball, Fordham offers both recreational and competitive leagues. Recreational leagues are great for students looking for a fun experience without a ton of emphasis placed on results, while competitive leagues provide a bit more of a challenging atmosphere. 

With Fordham intramurals, teams can set their preferred game times in IMLeagues. Schedules are published weekly on Fridays for the upcoming week. Games are played on the Rose Hill campus. Flag football is held on Jack Coffey Field, basketball and volleyball take place in the Lombardi Field House and outdoor soccer happens on Murphy Field.

Regardless of how good you are at sports, there is a place for everyone in Fordham intramurals. They serve as an excellent opportunity to stretch out the competitive part of your brain and to meet new people.