USG Discusses Recent Events, Public Concerns and Family Weekend

USG Discusses Recent Events, Public Concerns and Family Weekend

On Thursday, Sept. 22, the Fordham University Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) met to discuss recent and upcoming events on campus, as well as public concerns.

Gaby Simperios, vice president of Fordham College Rose Hill FCRH ’24, reported that there have been issues with room reservations for the Dean’s Council. Simporios said that Rose Hill Commons, which was reserved for the Dean’s Council meeting last Thursday, was unavailable when she arrived. Without any prior notice, she was told the meeting was moved to Bepler Commons. Stephen Clarke, assistant director of student involvement, clarified that the issue regarding the reservation was due to an unexpected leak in Rose Hill Commons.

Despite not sending an email with the updated room change, the Office of Student Involvement calendar with all information regarding USG meetings had been updated prior to the Dean’s Council meeting.

Newly-elected class of 2026 Senators, Rhianna Danes, FCRH ’26, Lucas Hjertberg, FCRH ’26, Nicky D’Abundo, FCRH ’26, Mikaela Casanova, GSB ’26, and Muhammed Zaveri, GSB ’26, attended their first meeting on Thursday. Their official inauguration occurred at this past weekend’s USG’s retreat.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) has been preparing for the upcoming Family Weekend, from Friday, Sept. 30 to Sunday, Oct. 2. They have prepared activities for the visiting families including a welcome reception and brunch before the football game  commences.

Vice President of International Integration Luisa Rosa, FCRH ’24, discussed her plans for an international student mixer during Family Weekend. Rosa explained how difficult Family Weekend can be for international students, and she introduced the mixer as a way to provide them with a community.

The International Student Mixer will be taking place on Sept. 30 from 6-8 p.m. in the Campbell Multipurpose Room, and she invited all international students as well as any other student whose family is unable to attend Family Weekend.
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Briana Al-Omoush, FCRH ’24, reported the Diversity Action Coalition (DAC) submitted two requests to increase funding for two future DAC events.

The first request was for DAC’s October Tabling Event, a mental health event where they will hand out t-shirts and stickers.
The second request was for a student activism event where there will be catered food and raffles for two social justice books. Both requests for funding have been approved.

Executive President Santiago Vidal, FCRH ’24, and Alex Chavez, FCRH ’23, vice president of finance and budgets, worked together to create the Ad Hoc Appeal where they asked for additional funding for upcoming projects and events this semester and were approved for a new budget of about $14,200.

Lastly, Vidal reported that Rolling Loud gave away 3,000 free tickets to multiple New York college students this past weekend, including 250 free tickets to Fordham students.